Five big trouble from red star beauty Long Dian kay business and the four way household electricity

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when it comes to today’s traditional household electricity, is should, since after the double tenth one again ignited the enthusiasm of the household electricity, many traditional household electricity giant business channels are piled into electricity. Beauty of July 12, red star triumphant dragon red beautiful mall officially launched the electric business platform (star), ji chengwei, gold seahorse, the merlot also meeting line electric business platform, this year in earlier household electricity has been pressed not fire, still exists many platform sibutramine, microtek, family, and cool diffuse, lam in wood industry, shang pin home delivery, etc. Now with the latest version of a variety of red star beauty kay electric business platform of the negative news public, to the whole household electricity on a layer of haze.

from red star into electricity, most of domestic household giant is in the red star for reference, based on the experience of the red star, all want to see how red star go, to learn from them to avoid on themselves. now see household electricity from red star? Here again can have what way, the author here under the analysis of bold: five big trouble Decided to life and death.

(a) rush strategy variable

red star in March 13 years changing the name of the mall, the official explanation for unified online brand image, from the structure of electric business platform, and locate the problem from the start. Half a year online brand change, for a consumer, online brand is very important, for the merchants, brand fixed commonly be rarely replaced, because once the better will lose part of the user; Another point is the red star was reportedly spent hundreds of millions of money and only tens of thousands of sales, regardless of the authenticity of the data, it is undeniable do very failure. Tens of thousands of sales, discount is more than ten sets of household products, and sales of this product for a brand it is inconceivable. It is obvious that red star for electricity positioning and strategic problems, more major is: red star from the start that electricity is the product of the big money, but in terms of the real business, said money instead of the early stage of the late product sales in the process of the competition are the source of electricity to burn money, to deeply understand the difference between this time.

now household electricity early is positioned for O2O mode, then what is O2O mode, is open to booking a custom, or in the group as a typical, and now also a model derived from O2O C2B model, thus the O2O is actually a hodgepodge. A product online ZouDian road, especially in the front under the precondition of no reference, need not too care about this model, walk, walk to a bottleneck to want to the real model, then decision model to another is the beginning of the peak, this is the author for the traditional enterprise into electricity way a little advice.

(2) operating personnel lack of

red star beauty kay Long Dian traders said Wang Qiqi receiving interview, red star group in almost all levels of senior executive, senior vice President who also works as electricity. See, red star electric business platform, the head of the traditional channels, vice President of original or responsible manager level, there is no denying that this part of the head in a traditional channel is successful, then the question to: they can in another channel will also be able to succeed? Whether than ponder to which a few years or 10 years of electrical business practitioners view alone or with electricity? Are worth thinking about, since the author’s advice is ready to go one way, the right way to introduce talents from outside, to let their own company standards, or spun off from the company directly.

a high-end electric business brings to the traditional enterprise into electricity not only is it a person, is a kind of thinking brought by the above preparation, a kind of electric business strategy, is an electrical contractor’s team.

(3) the high cost of logistics service etc.

the first impression of household is big, it is not easy to transport, and easy to damage, is a line of household electricity is also need to pay much cost for this problem. If can solve the problem of the logistics cost, for household electricity, is a qualitative leap. Does so for that reason and hinder the development of, is clearly not, an easy solution, is also now a lot of household electrical business is a little improvement are doing, is the regional cooperation, through regional patterns to reduce logistics cost, another is haier’s day now shun logistics through the last kilometer of make a decision, or household electricity can use haier’s platform to seek development.

(4) the market price difference is

bought household all know, the whole household market prices are not unified, also is very opaque. Through the Internet to buy household cannot be compared by several platforms, this is one of the characteristics of household products, furniture manufacturer is impossible to release to the outside, the price price transparency, apple can do the household can’t do it. And overpriced, online shopping is not an advantage; Price is too low, that must be a high profitable region dealers will revolt, low price is that in their lives, in the end of the results. Said to live in this problem, with white wine is actually about the same, even now the liquor there are selling online, but for many merchants, under the traditional channels of electricity, they rarely do the price is a big problem of the bowels. So for household ZouDian road, have to solve a problem is the price transparency, that would be a lot of household cannot withstand.

(5) online and dealer’s game

the fourth above mentioned to the problem of price and the dealers, so here is the existence of household electricity is bound to affect the survival of dealers, such as there will be a big dealer’s profits will be lower than before, many run away the last problem is caused by the dealer. And household electricity not reached a high level, and finally can only at the expense of electricity, to keep the dealer. Cosmetics electricity now brilliant behind how many dealers died in the above, a traditional products rely on the dealer sales, is bound to be the product onto the road of electricity and numerous shackles.

as a household electricity bystanders, now I see the household electricity problems, also gives some Suggestions. I want to do household electricity suppliers to avoid some issues which should be avoid this morning, let the growth of the industry can be healthy. here the author also gives household electricity four ways of thinking, thinking.

(a) designated regional electricity

the so-called designated regional electricity is in an area for electricity, when each region to be able to open in consolidation, rather than a traditional household products flow to the big area, do a big electric business platform to start the road of electricity, it is very difficult, because of the big items for household, home sales is the best way of fixed point, from the aspects of logistics and after considering this kind of method is preferred, it is also a lot of household electricity do now, I know a household custom brand: shang pin home delivery mode is similar with this.

(2) take a back seat dealers handle

here mean to the company’s platform have their own maintenance, and online publicity and promotion are done through dealers, themselves responsible for the execution of the entire electricity, so for the price and how to develop, which requires the traditional household business to make a transparent prices, it for dealers are impartial, more important is the dealer can borrow by online channels to sell more products, obtain more profits. Sales will ask, then, how to define, but dealers like taobao Tmall stores above, the traditional household is platform provider, so should be according to the shops to define. Said simple point is Tmall, jingdong platform, such as the difference is the traditional home of merchants are their dealer, then relies on dealers how to pack the same product.

(3) to build a new team

this advice has been mentioned in trouble, in addition to the meaning of the whole team to build a new team at the top one or two by the original company control, other best managers from the outside, or from the bottom to ascend, rather than from the traditional channel is the manager, the transition to electric business channels is also a manager, because the author has worked in a traditional company, they are also open channels of electricity, but still use the original channels of product manager to concurrently, as the final result is predictably, perhaps there will be a success, but failure is how much, electricity in the day it is doomed to be with the traditional game and do.

(4) share platform

1 store from on taobao split out of a shop, is also a success. Now a lot of traditional enterprise to do electrical contractor first reaction is to company own electric business platform, and the other is electric business platform doesn’t seem to care about, but don’t have any talent in the enterprise, no business experience, the best way is to join into platform, borrow platform force to grow on your own, finally must be separated from, and once take part in the platform, you worry about is not no one platform, to worry about is how to show the product in the visitor’s eyes, how to cultivate consumer spending habits, how to solve the products and after-sales service. So for household electricity, the author’s suggestion is to join the platform, is a compromise at present stage, and make your own platform, while doing other platform, don’t say a walk to black.

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