Fingerprint identification: apple can take this lead again?

today early morning, the long-awaited iPhone 5 s finally came out. The annual iPhone conference is always apple carnival with fans. However, the most happy not only have they, there are many media technology. The reason is very simple, almost in previous reports, the media hit all the iPhone 5 s may contain changes.

By quoting from a net friend message:

the iPhone 5 s the biggest characteristic is that there is no characteristic!

Touch ID (fingerprint identification) may be the iPhone 5 s most of the new function. Although, this function has already been applied in military and political, business and other fields. Even in the mobile phones industry, the iPhone 5 s is not the first to eat crab. As early as in the 2011 , of MOTOROLA, with fingerprint recognition. Not long ago, Toshiba in Japan to sell a smartphone, also joined the for sensor. Unfortunately, however, these two phones, have since joined the so-called fingerprint identification technology, and favored by the market.

apple has repeatedly stressed at the news conference, the fingerprint recognition technology makes mobile operation become more quickly. In addition, fingerprint identification authentication can be used in the iTunes , ibooks such as mobile payment process. If the technology really can be deeply integrated with all services, so this will no doubt become apple another important weights to control the ecosystem.

however, some people called the security of the fingerprint identification for apple. since the U.S. government prism scandals, people is highly sensitive to personal privacy. To this, the company said, fingerprint recognition is directly has been integrated into the CPU . The user does not have to worry about related fingerprint data will be spread to the cloud. However, the the iPhone 5 s the fingerprint recognition technology is still in its infancy, professionals worry about this feature may be related to hype the facial recognition, work hard to high precision to distinguish. major in computer science at Michigan state university Anil Jain professor said in an interview: “there is no foolproof security mechanism. Despite the seemingly more safer, fingerprint identification, may not be better than PIN code such as traditional way to hard to crack.

at the same time, the stability of the fingerprint recognition is a technical challenge . In general, the service life of existing sensor sensitive (period) is only two years. That is to say, persistence, durability will be the iPhone 5 s fingerprint identification function.