Fetion dig micro letter “corner” : online public platform




The Fetion public platform function interfaceThe

hunting cloud network on April 5th message

China mobile’s fetion fetion low-key launch recently public platform, interface and function is very similar to WeChat public platform.

fetion user or mobile phone users can login fetion public platform (), directly into the found that auto reply, group-sent message with micro letter is very close, the interface is also very similar; Public certification number, micro letter through weibo authentication and certification information, compared with fetion public certification is much strict and trouble: fill out the application form and undertaking, submit the business license, and build official seal.

recently, relevant WeChat part, the analysis thinks, industry of game between operators and tencent will soon have the result. At a critical moment, fetion launched the public platform poaching WeChat mean clearly.

however, a senior in the industry to hunt cloud network sharp pointed out that the lack of Internet gene fetion operating for many years, not much improvement, make an open platform of fashion, it is small in the ornament is a little flower, don’t affect the industry pattern, can be concluded that make no sense.

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