Fed up with blue screen? The international space station to abandon Windows to Linux system

it is reported that the international space station had run Windows XP computer, now all convert Linux . According to United Space Alliance company ( United Space Alliance), according to change the system because Microsoft system stable and reliable “enough”. United space alliance and the United States NASA common hardware operation is responsible for the international space station. The astronauts would wear on the space walk, after all, there is something wrong with the computer is not child’s play.

the international space station is a is building international research facilities, low earth orbit by the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan and other six-party joint site. 1998 year launched the first parts, 2002 in the first time the first two astronauts entered, keep two astronauts work from now on. The international space station in the 2011 years to complete. Is expected in the 2020 in the end of the mission, derailed and crashed into the sea directly.