Fan appeal: nokia, come on! Please don’t produce Windows RT tablet!

(translation: Andie)

the author

as nokia fans, sometimes really feel very upset.

don’t get me wrong, I really like this brand of mobile phone, and my first cell phone is nokia. But, like most people, I am not blind, blind loyalty. A wise man, always in the presence of better opportunities, flexible to transformation. Nokia, too, when symbian into a burning platform, the company’s new CEO Stephen elop betting on the WP, hope Microsoft big brother can help nokia make a comeback.

for ramshackle nokia, looking for new business growth point is the top priority. However, when in February this year, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, announced that the future is likely to produce tablets, I know, the choice of nokia is Microsoft. Accurately, Windows RT, an almost by all partners as a hot potato tablet system. Although nokia make such choice, have their own considerations have also made some helpless, but personally, really do not want it to produce Windows RT tablets.

Windows RT: friendless

many equipment manufacturers, including nokia, are quite low profile with its own tablet plans. The reason is very simple, in addition to apple, samsung, asus, very few can in the high speed development of flat panel industry chain, an incision tear, points on the act. For the uncertain future of mobile phone manufacturers, such as nokia’s new entrants may bombed in their own journey tablet. In that case, they lost more than profits, but also the enterprise image.

mobile tablet industry because of the depth of the water, nokia did not precipitate action. In spite of 2010 years, the reverse the pattern in the field of mobile devices, but nokia has not for its fans offer similar products. Of course, we still see a lot of its imitators, they like drawing, then as a bubble to exit the market (for example,).

close for some time, Windows RT system tablet, almost had to abandon all producers. When are pioneers such as samsung, HTC and Windows RT under the background of “rupture” (HTC Windows RT tablet will also produce 7 inches), has been living beyond its means of nokia, indeed, it should be rationally recognize the market performance of the system. Lost, after all, after should do is careful, rather than the “burn”.

nokia: choose Windows RT, will repeat

for nokia production of tablets, I look forward to for a long time. But when they hear the media said that nokia to produce Windows RT tablet, I’m disappointed again. After a period of use experience personally, Microsoft Surface RT performance, can only let me use the “ha ha” two words to describe. Although you can say it is a great hardware, but for me it doesn’t meet the needs of the use. Although Windows RT applications of little, but many rumors indicate the nokia production is a similar to the tablet Surface RT (10.1 inch screen, 2 to 3 gb of RAM,).

for nokia users want to see the most is that once the mobile phone giant, can after setbacks, strong regression. The Windows RT obviously didn’t help nokia make a comeback. Unless a miracle, nokia Windows RT tablet production, will be to repeat the mistakes of others.

, by contrast, produce a carry full Windows (Windows 8/8.1) tablets, than to create a Windows RT systems have more market tablet. I really don’t understand, what is the reason to choose nokia useless Windows RT in the market. Although asus is a few to make money in the field of mobile tablet manufacturers, but it also gave up the Windows RT equipment recently.

even ballmer also have to admit, because Surface RT on the so-called “inventory adjustment”, and make the Microsoft lost 900 million dollars. Again and again the price, advertising deal or no deal, still can not save the market performance of Surface RT worse. All in all, no one is willing to pay hundreds of dollars, buy it provides many users don’t need the function of the equipment.

for a long time, I don’t understand why nokia may choose a RT this line. Don’t just out of economic considerations?

I hope nokia to launch its own tablet. As a former hardware manufacturers, nokia products always can let a person shine at the moment. I really don’t want to see, nokia tablet carrying a is not perfect, and lack of application of the system.

nokia tablet, I’m looking forward to you, don’t choose the RT, please!