Family is the rise of the Internet

the PC to the Internet, mobile Internet, the concept of home Internet rose sharply in the near future.

on September 3, TCL and iQIYI jointly issued “TV +” crossover work; New conference on September 5, millet, millet TV debut; On September 10, skyworth and ali confirm cooperation, with smart TV; On September 23, joy and tencent will be held in the theme of “starting point…” Conference, reportedly or jointly push super TV. PC Internet age three giant BAT saw into the home Internet domain, and found the cross-border cooperation partners.

in this field, they can also lead?

why smart TV recently so hot?

this and has a lot to do with the recent national policy support. In the middle of August, the government have issued “several opinions on promoting the information consumption to expand domestic demand” “broadband China” strategy and implementation plan “and other documents, this shows that the government is stepping up the support of information consumption industry. In the stock market has been a steady sichuan changhong on August 19, suddenly, harden is changhong led “home Internet” concept on the policy of good reasons.

the concept of the Internet in the family in, smart TV is one of the most important carrier, all interaction is realized through the screen coordinates.

“tussle for the sitting room” is a hot topic in the this year, the competitors are the industry’s top companies, from crossover Letv, millet to Internet giant baidu ali, and traditional home appliances giant changhong. Channels, technology, application, content, system collective into each link of the giant enterprises, heralding the family of the Internet era is coming.

what is a home Internet?

home Internet is after PC Internet, mobile Internet, the Internet in the development of the third stage, based on the family environment, people-centered, through a set of complete technical architecture and ecological system terminal together, more convenient interaction, extensive connection, so that consumers in more and more comfortable, more comfortable, more and more simple family life.

such as changhong, deputy general manager wu YingJian puts it: “the family is an open platform, the Internet is three ecological integration of hardware, software, network, is an innovative space, there are a large number of new business models and innovation opportunities, all household appliances can enjoy unique user experience on the network.

home Internet in the future?

we can imagine the scene:

wang home, home Internet system recognized by identifying system is male host, air conditioning automatically adjusts to wang’s favorite 26 degrees, turn on the TV, broadcast sports program, said to have a ball game, refrigerator let television and master “beer in the fridge, do you want to drink?” Wang took the beer, watch while drinking. Xiao li xiao wang’s wife to go home, also know that she is afraid of the cold, air conditioning automatically adjusts to writes a word “wind” mode, xiao li went, air conditioning is in the other direction. Xiao li is going to cook dinner, refrigerator hint “turnip has expired, can’t eat; Beef and three days will be bad, please eat as soon as possible.” Don’t do beef? Smoke stove system on the screen automatically push about beef recipes, selected do tomato stewed beef, smoke stove system to guarantee the fresh beef taste, good amount will be automatically fire programming, smoke lampblack machine automatic control according to the volume of lampblack convulsions. Xiao li good cut the meat in the pan and get back to the living room playing PAD, see a funny video on the PAD, is a key to share on the TV screen, together with the husband. Dish stove automatic shutdown, want to eat more rare, xiao li can also through the mobile phone, PAD, and even television to control switch of the oven. Wang’s son is in summer camp, and use their phones to share photos with dad home Internet accounts, dad’s name all equipment, including TV, mobile phone, PAD, etc will get more pictures from his son, wang son couple happy to share photos…

the industry status quo

compared with PC Internet, mobile Internet, home Internet and define the difference between:

1, PC Internet, mobile Internet attention “device on the Internet,” home Internet also focus on equipment connected to the equipment;

2, PC Internet, mobile Internet has solved the problems of interaction, home Internet is still a lack of breakthrough;

3, PC Internet, mobile Internet content control in existing countermeasures, home Internet is grey zone;

4, PC Internet, mobile Internet quality request is not high, home Internet needs on the premise of QoS guarantee better quality performance.

in general, home Internet in equipment coordination, human-computer interaction, content control, face recognition, in different aspects such as the cloud storage and PC and mobile Internet.

many Internet companies to enter a new area are clamoring for subversion, but real change is not a simple matter. Successful experience in the field of a move to a new field is not necessarily effective. Interactions, for example:

interaction is one of the key technology of the Internet, family is the key factor to the user experience. For tech-oriented web content and services in different experience environment requires experience in different ways, such as “the mouse and keyboard, computer, PC Internet; Touch screen, mobile phone/PAD, mobile Internet “, also exists “interaction, TV/refrigerator/air conditioning, home Internet” logic;

Internet companies ignore the interaction of breakthrough, about gaining terminal entrance, ignoring the interaction, TV/refrigerator/air conditioning, home Internet “is suitable for family interaction terminal breakthrough, in the original PC Internet and mobile Internet experience is difficult to directly in the domestic Internet.

into television industry Internet companies bid to overturn the industry pattern, but the traditional home appliance enterprises do thinks again? New competition will begin. Sichuan changhong in the two years ago launched the xuanyuan TVOS smart TV operating system, application to a lack of embarrassment of intelligent home appliances industry, even among the national strategy, being as a standard to promote the Chinese electrical appliances industry. In addition, changhong competitiveness with IBM to build large data analysis center, make up the disadvantage in terms of data.

Internet companies are trying to content, application and the advantage of large data into smart TV field. Logic of Internet companies is to preempt the entrance, ali’s main shopping TV system, trying to replicate in the PC, but rejected by many traditional home appliance manufacturers, and two years ago to launch a new logic and the situation is very similar.

competition is inevitable, and win-win is the purpose.


with the development of the domestic Internet, the television industry, there will be a significant adjustment have Internet home appliance manufacturers and complementary to the Internet, extends the industrial chain, to build intelligent ecology, the advantage of terminal + channel combined with Internet experience advantage, to achieve win-win situation. Have “open, innovation, collaboration,” the spirit of the Internet the traditional enterprise, on the basis of the original industrial chain may have more advantages.