False millet, running normal, even with the qq tail

the author: small new

recently, a friend let xiao yun help rob millet 2 s, xiao yun politely refused, the reason is simple: no ability, can’t buy. As an old saying goes, not the diamond, don’t embrace the porcelain live. Witnessed the hardships colleagues with his friend rob millet, really don’t want to by this trip to sin.

after heard my description, destroyed his friend rob meters 3 determination, the next day excitedly told myself in zhongguancun mall bought a millet 2 s, the price is only 1800! Gave him a good gay friend. A little can’t believe, personally went to a trip, do it! In order to hang up the face, then the evil told the old friend, may be fake!

hang up the phone, xiao yun ran to the toilet to the toilet to lambaste, LeiJunJun this skill is a moth? Sales in the frontier fortress eggs? Out of the toilet and then gave the day big good news revealed to colleagues. From then on, colleagues have been looked at me with bitterness. Want to know the elder brother just bought a millet collected 1959 2 s.

the friend millet 2 s. After my acid words remind, long a mind’s eye, carefully check the goods, run around 25000, measuring models without any problems (afterwards just know two goods with the mobile phone’s own set of rabbit rabbit), even have qq about tail, but just feel wrong – out of the picture is not a class! Play millet official after-sales found not far, he decided to go to the inspection. While during the noon meal, take a taxi to the millet, official after-sales maintenance of the eldest brother a look, and did not even open the shell, direct say: fake!

this time, xiao yun’s face and no place to put. Because this time, friends also very trust to mobile phone assistant screenshots hair come here let me help inspection etc. Xiao yun didn’t watch carefully, just say: really!

with a fake qq tail millet 2 s

this detailed information screenshots have very big bag, xiao yun didn’t see it. Such as: the screen resolution is 540 x960

then, after little brother smartly apart after shell, for a friend a lesson in detail. The following is a friend send me fake millet 2 s pictures.

the fake millet 2 s work really improve a lot. Before the font color, circulating heat sink, bar code is improved. Even apparently small circle aperture evaluated using the method of add a layer mask.

buttons rubber material, do manual work is a little time.

flash, pay attention to the camera outer disguise aperture.

the power interface should have a bunch of number.

here should have the logo.

frighten urine! Xiao yun immediately said the matter with your colleagues, colleagues bitterness on the face of a few days immediately turn 180 degrees, the air laugh, pulling my arm, and another mua, and pulse pressure belt, smile to me. Like to pick up a big cheap, forget he is spent 3 m price, bought a 2 s.

I think he was pulling my precious’s right hand, and then a jilt liquid:

“get rough! Sleep sofa tonight!”

brother always put the bed to you, today not let you sleep!

“don’t! Her mother home to hug you sleep mother… “

bitch! No girl’s space is really happen to coincide…

good gay friends, be careful!