Fact: watermark camera new increasing altitude, speed, distance and other templates

once online 4 days become number one in the App Store watermark camera, recently will launch the watermark camera version 1.2, hunting cloud network rate from the new version closed channels, found that after the db and PM2.5, watermark and camera will launch elevation, distance, speed and other practical and interesting watermark template.

there is watermark camera mood, location, weather, time, food, features 6 big series more than 100 sets of watermark template, the content in some pure and fresh and lyrical, some wacky fun, there are both interesting and practical. The upcoming version 1.2 also can test the altitude, speed, distance, suitable for all kinds of travelers, if it is a long distance relationship, type in the name of the city the other half, can show the current position of the distance with you, of course, also does not support “- 5 cm” calculation. Dialect watermark also pretty “well guess”, the local has distinguishing feature very much.

in several seems to have technical content of the watermark, such as test db and PM2.5 watermark, sensing the environment at any time, also make the photo used a lot more green. The db template is the use of mobile phone built-in microphone display is attached to an innovative environment information, but when you take a photo in synchronous display photos of environmental noise level.

in addition to the regular update watermark library, watermark camera product team also combined with the festival and hot topics introduced relevant templates, June 1 children’s day this year and have issued special watermark template during the Dragon Boat Festival. Ding Jinhao Egyptian temple “visit” after the incident, “visit” template, called for Internet users with a watermark camera sign in, especially suitable for the general public GanReNao psychology. Compared with photography application of the filter class, add information in the photograph more in line with the user on the social platform to share pictures of behavior and mood – figure + text, and text narrative time, places, events.

the watermark application class photos or watermark camera as the main leading, constantly on the new template can maintain user novelty, but how to reduce the interference of watermarking for image which exists objectively and can make the photo the icing on the cake, and it should be a direction.

according to watermark camera product team, watermarking provides a custom watermark samsung S4 zoom camera, and with China good voice, happy boys promotes the characteristic watermark popular programs such as cooperation, believe that there will be more cross-border cooperation in the future.