Fact: the & quot; IReader” Start the IPO

several sources told hunting cloud network from different channels, palm reading technology has launched the IPO plan, once the palm reading listed success, science and technology will become the first domestic listed company flagship digital reading.

hao is called the palm reading science and technology Beijing palm reading technology co., LTD., founded in September 2008, registered as a legal person is zhang ly, the President of Beijing palm reading technology.

at present, palm reading, there are three main product of science and technology are the palm reading book city, iReader, palm reading a magazine. Among them, the palm reading books palm reading is the main product of science and technology, also is the main source of revenue.

people familiar with the matter told hunting cloud network, palm reading by spent flash with science and technology, has accumulated a large number of users. The official claimed that users reached 100 million, active users accounted for 60%, the daily number of PV (page views) $. In addition, palm reading with huawei, zte, samsung, and other enterprises to jointly develop the reading platform, quickly spread channel.

in terms of copyright cooperation, palm reading and writer press, citic publishing house, people’s publishing house, changjiang literature and art publishing house and so on more than 100 publishers to establish strategic cooperation, the copyright and guo jingming, xu jinglei, etc. More than 200 well-known writer depth cooperation is established.

, according to people familiar with the palm reading science and technology in the publishing industry has a “deep” layout. How much a case can be proof: this year on January 29, held in Beijing the fifth member of the China association of copyright convention, hao Beijing palm reading technology co., LTD., was elected as the standing director unit, the fifth council became the first to be standing director of mobile Internet company.

palm reading science and technology will choose listed in what place? General small and medium-sized technology companies might choose in the gem. And the gem listing application conditions: first, the last two years of continuous profitability indicators for issuers, no less than ten million yuan, the last two years net income and sustained growth; The second indicators for recent year profit and net profit of not less than five million yuan, the latest year revenue of not less than fifty million yuan, the last two years operating income growth rate is not lower than thirty percent.

but the cloud network survey, hunting in the latest issue of application of the gem listing enterprise list, no palm reading). Said another source convective cloud network analysis, relying on domestic resources, deep palm reading is most likely to choose to list at home, but land overseas capital market is not impossible.

as cloud network hunting time for the start of the IPO, palm reading technology did not comment.