Fact: millet, our backyard is flooded!

this paper contribute hunting cloud network readers leave

according to people’s post reported: millet announced that its beautiful MIUI Android market launch just over a year, has crossed 1 billion downloads. Millet series smartphone USES is called beautiful MIUI customized Android operating system, and about 70% of millet smartphone users will be downloaded from the app store. Up to now, the app store has 17 million active users, was downloaded 5 million times a day, search volume up to 1.3 million times, making it become China’s fifth largest app store.

but according to the user, millet mobile phone app store currently exist some loopholes, let “water army” directly to the backyard millet app store. In millet app store and download a few applications of the top ten, comments appear a large number of included “part-time recruitment network”, “converse Nike shoes cheap sale” and so on bad information, and the application of the top ten, before all the occupied by a game, the WeChat claims 400 million users can only ranked only no. 6, water army occupation directly applied to the comments section below.

this is a group of evil army

some water army’s comments are as follows: wanted: as long as have a computer, will taobao shopping can make money at home, free time, earn every day 30-150 yuan, interested parties and Qxxx , the space has the log, detailed understanding, trouble you are the one.

I was in the “water army” is the enterprise standard in the future?” A mentioned: water army is doing positive marketing for enterprises, for enterprises to deal with negative information, for the enterprise ACTS as a medium of the Internet. TA is not necessarily the network public relations, also is not necessarily the marketers in the traditional sense of the network, is a combination of many aspects, may be one person, it may be a group of people. This and the public know the definition of water army is different, the baidu encyclopedia explains, water army that is employed in network public relations company, reply to posts for others spin network personnel, paid by water injection to post. Water army, has a full-time and part-time. The presence of water army, is the advanced network marketing. But the network is a double-edged sword water-forces, need each network company hold good application perspective. Millet app store water army was related to a group of evil water army, with black, bad information released directly, to seek exorbitant profits.

test of millet piece

there almost every social attributes of the social, publicity tools online, there will be a lot of water army is among them, such as products, wikipedia, question and answer each big mobile application distribution shop, there are there may be a strange person inside. When this test is the product of the company’s ability to respond to, regulatory capacity, once vigorous BBS, including some of the popular blog, are because the phenomenon caused by too much water army to be shut down. Of the little blog had been reported contains large amounts of pornographic content, this is not a jack xu give up little one of the reasons, and didn’t have the energy to fight with water army.

millet the met with the suggestive of events and little water-forces content is similar, the water army use audit loophole, profiteering. When users download application, comment on the application, is that we pay close attention to this from electricity can see that almost every online users have a look at the goods from the comments, even if know which may have to cheat, but no one bought goods would anyone buy it?

millet app store huge distribution amount, the comments area to a certain extent, has the property of the media, and it has spread effect, can affect whether the user can download the application. If all the water army with bad information, hard to avoid can have deceived users, this time it is the media attribute in counterproductive instead, cheated opportunities provided to users. Maybe someone says, the relationship with millet hairy, as a platform, it had a duty to regulatory information falsity of the problem, in the process of search engine in order to ensure that users in the use of rights and interests, have introduced the related safeguard mechanism. Media property of millet app store, don’t should be responsible for these comments area information? At least not a false information?

so, this is the test piece of millet. The open Internet system and speed up the development of the Internet world, but the ensuing regulatory issues, does not like its development speed fast, whether the product itself, or the relevant regulators, are puzzled how to the problem of false information. Search engine’s security system, although not completely put an end to spread false information, but can at least to a certain extent, the protection of the rights of the user. Millet comments area to let the user of the application of wanton comments, drift, you don’t ignore this special group army, want to know from blogs, BBS to weibo, WeChat era now, water army is first to occupy the high ground, users and products.

Three poison

the Internet

I didn’t think the Internet everything is good, although it gave people a lot of convenient, but its associated products are many, three of the poison is one of the most let a person hurt, it is advertising, 2 it is water army, three is a social tool.

there is Internet, there is advertising. Chat, watch video, BBS, blog, advertising is everywhere, some may be needed by the user, but more advertising, will only cause visual pollution, or mislead the users. The second is the water army and mainly plays the role of the derivatives of the Internet, such as user like watching a TV series, water army also upload a TV series, but he is inside the upload includes advertising, know, wikipedia is to solve the user just need products, water army also mixed among them, where can put ads inserted an AD or something. The third is social tools, such as QQ, YY is most likely to make ads, such as water army information display, advertising after the “paradise”, water army after the “paradise”, all need will be able to this part of the network to the user, focusing on the social tools, using social tools for profiteering.

we have to sigh, sometimes is strong water-forces, to some extent, they directly QJ users, users can see the information of nine times out of ten, are using various means to do up water-forces, maybe you can call them the moth. The rise of the mobile Internet is the total of people see, this group of water-forces than “dog nose” spirit of the group for the mobile Internet “fragrance”, millet’s app store comments area may be the first wave, and baidu mobile phone assistant, and peas, and 360 mobile phone assistant, how will you face the impact of this group of moth?

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