Fact: Google reader product manager before depth why Google to kill Google reader?

Google announced it will close Google Reader, this Google Reader Brian Shih on the published his views:

we want to know, close Reader this decision has nothing to do and income and operating costs. Google Reader never directly to earn money, profit is not the purpose of the product. After Google within a long period of time Reader I have been to continue to survive, then I am a product manager, the I believe Reader the be closed had at least three times before a similar threat. It’s closed and a variety of reasons are inseparable:

2008 years – let us team to build OpenSocial

2009 years – let our team to create Buzz

2010 years – to make our team to participate in the +

in 2010 years Google has decided to close down Reader , but most of the engineers said it would not join + team. it’s interesting, I think that Google allow Reader team to continue to operate the social reason of the products is Reader team more familiar with socializing. Reader social function influence users, not like other Google products produce influence because of the excellent design.

I think Reader to live again has been closed for a period of time may be a high-level think about + , Reader to G + with a lot of good content. Reader content will always attract users, many of the content is filtered and the large share of premium content.

After the birth of

Google + , Reader to redesign the UI , remove the original share function, into a share to Google +. I guess the time usage began to decline, particularly on the share content. I know that after the redesign I share basically is about to stop completely. Although Google finally resolved many UI issues, but share (share content to G + ) is much less than before.

for G + contribution is more and more low, may reduce the daily maintenance . At the same time users are less and less. Google focus too much in recent years, in addition to kill Reader there is no other option? As far as I am concerned , I think Reader there are still of great value, especially in the world the information explosion source s. But within Google Reader is classified as a RSS reader, so he didn’t have a chance to there is no space to explore the continue to grow. Now, of course, these doesn’t matter (because the reader really to die).