Fact: China unicom’s e-commerce sites unicom new country to the brink of collapse

today hunting cloud network readers to this fact, according to new rural e-commerce sites, a subsidiary of Beijing unicom unicom (uninx.com) on the brink of collapse.

the site launched in April 2011, the main agricultural network economy. Main products are around Beijing tourism, characteristic agricultural products sales, vegetable base domestic distribution, etc.

cloud network hunting after a survey found that the new rural sites has been basically in a state of unmanned operation. In Beijing Beijing suburbs swim this main item position substantially recommended attractions haven’t updated, or lack of attractions information, or the lack of contact.

Hunting cloud network reporter called agricultural products sales hotline, the phone is China unicom new rural sites and other units to share. In the column of the website contact us contact jump to broadband network in Beijing.

query the site traffic, found a day only more than 100 IP, IP has in fact belong to the state on the brink of collapse.

notable is, in June last year, China unicom below form of electronic commerce. In domestic operators, unicom e-commerce independent agency first, and only a lift force of the company into electricity.

it is reported, China unicom, electronic commerce is based on the original electronic distribution center, headquarters, provinces, cities and companies at various levels have set up the electronic commerce, focusing on electronic sales service and electronic business platform operation, build process, logistics and services integration electronic business operation system. Unicom electronic commerce will be on the basis of unicom own product sales and service, sales and service rapid shift to electronic commerce, main force to build e-commerce sales and service, become the largest sales and service channels in unicom

Beijing unicom new rural e-commerce sites fail or give unicom electric business strategy to provide experiences and lessons.