Facebook’s revenue up to expectations, the monthly number of active users than Twitter

yesterday, Facebook YiManYi for Wall Street is on the another paper. According to Facebook Q3 2013 earnings, according to the company’s total revenue of $2.02 billion in the third quarter, earnings per share for 25 cents. The two data are higher than the previous on Wall Street expected (Wall Street forecast revenue of $1.91 billion, earnings per share for 18 to 19 cents). Affected by this good news, Facebook in the nasdaq rose 8% yesterday, jumped $15 billion in value.

in August this year, Facebook’s market value of $100 billion for the first time, the share price back to the beginning of the IPO price.

move the swift and violent development is the main reason why investors Facebook bull

it is reported that Facebook said its revenues by 41% in the second quarter of this year came from mobile terminal (in the first quarter was 31%). Mark zuckerberg said publicly: “we make every effort to provide mobile Facebook users the best experience, because that is the foundation for our future development.” Facebook’s efforts have paid off, in the third quarter of this year, Facebook mobile revenue accounted for 49% of total revenue.

in the stable growth of number of active users, far more than rival Twitter

the above results showed that the Facebook number daily active users rose 27% in the third quarter, up to 728 million. In addition, another powerful data is, compared to 230 million Twitter, Facebook, the number of monthly active users for 1.19 billion.

has such a large number of users, investors generally live and is about to add video sets in Facebook advertising function was looking forward to.

americans use every 5 minutes of mobile Internet, there is 1 minute is from them

sandberg on earnings call proudly announced the comments. If her data accurate, this means that sets a occupied most of the mobile users surf the Internet time, more than Youtube, Twitter, bursts, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Yahoo, AoL.

Facebook admitted publicly that we are lost youth user

although mark zuckerberg has denied earlier in the outside world on Facebook is lose appeal among young people, but on the day of this year’s earnings conference Facebook CFO David’s bosman (David Ebersman) said: “we found the youth daily use Facebook users a gradual decline in the number.” It is reported, after a survey, 23% of young people think Facebook is their most important social network. But that figure fell 42% last year compared to the same.