Facebook, what about me? KakaoHome nine days to download over 500000

Korean top communication IM released an application Launcher KakaoHome (similar to Facebook Home) 9 days since released last week, there have been over 500000 downloads. As a “big brother” Facebook Home took 10 original genius at this number.

KakaoHome impressive record, enough to let it become IM milestone has significance in the field of app, you know, now KakaoHome is only released in Korea. Due to constantly be Kakao Talk and Kakao Story “coattails”, this week KakaoHome downloads usher in a wave of high tide. KakaoHome design style similar to the previous Facebook Home, however, it’s on the visual notification, quick response and all kinds of Kakao widgets, etc, have been strengthened. In addition, compared with similar products KakaoHome has further consolidation.

Kakao Talk has 90 million registered users worldwide, and it is still the most powerful user market in South Korea. In South Korea, the company said 90% of smartphones have installed Kakao Talk, in addition, these phones are carrying 90% of the Android system. For Android developers and early adopters, the solid and large user groups, let them for excitement. Currently KakaoHome in Facebook Home 2.3 points.

with Facebook Home, don’t know yet how many among download Kakao app is fixed to the user.

Kakao Home is applicable to any built-in Android 4.0 and 4.0 above versions of smart phones, almost non-existent Facebook Home devices do not support problems they encounter. Although the social network of the world’s big BOSS still declared, Facebook Home users are growing at 25%. In fact, this app downloads so far just above 1 million.

Kakao and the company recently signed cooperation intentions. Although it is trying to gain a foothold in the global IM, but users in other countries want to use KakaoHome still need to wait for a period of time. The company said last week, in their original plans, and has no plans to push KakaoHome to overseas markets.

the same two products (KakaoHome and Facebook Home) presents the development of the two opposite form: a while facing the world market is subject to the device does not support issues; Although another lock a target market is to support a large number of equipment. The rapid development of KakaoHome, Facebook Home should reflect on. To support more mobile phone, Facebook Home might be able to get his dream more users.