Facebook pushed the service fees to send direct messages, each of the highest $16

guide language: web site Forbes contributor to Hyde, XiaoNaiXi (Haydn Shaughnessy) published an article on Monday, according to Facebook launched direct messages fee is a great move. In keeping the basic communication under the premise of free, the value-added service charge will be Facebook a part of life.

the following is a content summary:

Facebook on Monday in the UK and some other areas introduced a short message service (DMS) charges, allow users to celebrity or send short messages to the rest of the circle of friends. This is a great action, I believe that this will be a Facebook part of life is just a matter of time.

at the moment, Facebook told them: to prevent spam. Facebook said in a statement: “to the friends pay to send a short message can prevent junk messages. In addition, sometimes people also need advice to the rest of the circle of friends.”

Facebook said: “in Britain and other countries, we are testing different price, so as to determine the most reasonable price.” In the UK, depending on the celebrity name recognition, Facebook’s charge standard from 71 pence ($1) to 10.68 pounds ($16.34).

on the surface, the fee gives you the opportunity to send short messages to a stranger. In my opinion, this with LinkedIn is similar to the Pro account.

social networking site for such a trend of the future is open: namely charge become a part of the social life, as long as keep basic network communication can be free of charge.

2004 Facebook was founded at the beginning, because of the lack of infrastructure, and cost factors, micropayments is difficult to achieve. But now, on the other hand, low cost services market was expanding quickly. It is interesting to note that Facebook message rate so high, send a message to the celebrity highest about $16.

Facebook Home, released last week, I had said that Facebook eventually need to charge valuable services. In fact, this “test” is not in order to prevent spam, but add value to the site looking for breakthrough. At present, the network has more than 10 users.

today, Facebook did, what steps are also interesting in the future. Last year, Facebook is mainly solve the problem of mobile, Home is in part of the mobile business.

by the end of last year, Facebook mobile month 680 million active users. In the fourth quarter, mobile advertising revenue of $305 million, accounts for about 23% of Facebook’s advertising revenue, while the proportion was only 14% in the third quarter.

but everyone know the mobile content market, compared with the traditional PC advertising revenue, mobile revenue accounts for only a small part of. And the cost is low, there is no perfect to really attract visitors’ attention to form of mobile advertising.

as a result, the deeper the Facebook into the mobile market, advertising as a revenue source of pressure. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) see Facebook as a mobile company, this amount means that Facebook will further development of mobile business in the future. Facebook might like Google into the mobile phone market, also may enter the infrastructure market.

today, Facebook must do other companies have done: fees for value-added services to users. Pay for these users, Facebook must be taken seriously. This is just the beginning, but there is no doubt that is a good thing.


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