Facebook mobile payment platforms: experiment or new strategy?

today, mobile payment has become more and more convenient. On the one hand, companies such as amazon, paypal, Google other mobile payment platform, saves us fill in payment information such as cumbersome steps, on the other hand, the mobile payment area also contains a huge market prospects for development. As the most will earn money, favorite imitate others, strengthen their Facebook, and certainly not miss this opportunity.

recently, according to ABC News reported that Facebook was developing its own mobile payment platform.

the user via Facebook account login after third party sites, Facebook simply by clicking on your web page to pay button, can quickly realize the payment process, without having to fill in additional information. , of course, the premise is that the user is Facebook users, and has been in the Facebook account information to fill in the personal bank card information. At present, a company called JackThreads flash sales website, become a Facebook mobile payment systems of the first experiment object.

although Facebook’s spokesman, told ABC News has repeatedly stressed that they just in order to simplify the user’s mobile payment process, and conducted a pilot, but we are unable to judge whether Facebook will only remain in the experimental stage.

some Facebook even really launching its own mobile payment platform, also just in order to attract more advertisers, but it is not to compete with companies such as Paypal. If one day, however, Facebook will be able to convince people that it’s payment platform security, so there is no doubt that the battle mobile payment will become more intense.