Facebook listed a year to remember

the morning of May 18 2012 Facebook, when share prices $38, currently about $26.25. Although the share price is yet to be restored, but its development since the IPO.

here’s some development since Facebook IPO data:


since IPO, users increased by 26%, 56% growth in mobile users, revenue growth of 38%.

reading: penetration is very high, given the developed areas have such a large growth, and does not appear real rivals, has been very good, it had a tough year.

data 2:

by May 2013, the average daily gain Likes the number 4.5 billion, 67% growth than it was in August 2012. By May 2013, the content of the Shared every day 4.75 billion, up 94% in August, 2012, 2012.

reading: “Likes” and share fast increase in the number of users growth, reflecting the platform of user engagement is very high. It from a certain extent, also rejected the user are fleeing questioned. According to the theory of the Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg, every year to double the number of users to share content, the platform development situation basic reaction of this theory. It is very important to maintain the growth of capacity in the share, because share will let users continue to visit the web site content, so as to have a chance to see the ads.

in order to achieve this goal, Facebook launched Home, it can let users more immersed in social, can let a small number of active users spend time increased by 25%. Users to stay longer, the more you share. This year, Facebook facilitate iOS and Android users by HTML 5 off to the local architecture, it will be to prolong the service time of the user. It provides the specific content of dynamic news, increase user views, launch Graph Search, increase the value of the data, allows users to contribute more.

in addition, Facebook enhanced mobile SDK, make the program more easy to share content on Facebook.

Data 3:

until March 2013, 1.11 billion monthly active users, in March 2012 for 901 million, up 23% from a year earlier. Day 665 million active users, more than 526 million growth of 26% in March, 2012. Mobile 751 million monthly active users, more than 2012 growth of 54% in March 2012. By February 2013, 100 million active users sets a month.

reading: registered users is still growing fast, but not all users bring equality of income. 1 quarter of 2013, the United States Canada $3.50 per user bring Facebook, but in the development countries, such as India, Brazil is only $0.50 per user income. Because most of the increase in emerging markets accounted for, this also means that after 100 million users is lower than the value of 100 million users.

mobile growth is also facing a problem. On the desktop, Facebook can show the number of ads 6 times more than the mobile end, must be more careful in the mobile end, don’t interfere with the user. With the user to access services via mobile end, the more the average revenue per user contributions will be less. In order to solve this problem, Facebook hope developers advertising in the mobile dynamic news, and to pay for it, so as to make up for lost revenue loss, as more and more enterprises to launch the APP, as users in developing countries to smart phones, there’s been a great increase in this part of the income may be.

overall, Facebook launched nine years later still strong growth. Network benefits of high penetration rate should not be underestimated. Considering the Facebook is mainly general social networks, which requires the service to provide some good things, don’t have to, but very good very good. Rivals may be ahead in specific areas, but it is hard to replace Facebook become a core identity provider. In addition, Facebook generous buyout (sets), can moderate competition, let his rule continued for a longer time.

Data 3:

until March 2013, local enterprises reached 1600, 100% higher than in June 2012 to 800. In June 2012 to May 2013, hair cloth Promoted posts (posts promotion), 7.5 billion. 1 quarter revenue of $1.46 billion, 2013 more than 1 quarter of $2012 in 1.06 billion increased by 38%. 1 quarter advertising revenue of $1.25 billion, 2013 more than 1 quarter of $2012 in 872 million increased by 43%. By March 2013 has a staff of 4900 people, 38% higher than in March 2012, 3539 people. In March 2012 to March 2013, the game players to grow by 24%.


as companies listed, forced the company to focus on making money. Only a quarter of Facebook mobile revenue rose to $375 million, accounting for 30% of the total advertising revenue. Considering the Facebook mobile APP launched late last year, the proportion of 30% has been quite high. Program allows developers to ads in the dynamic news, links to the apple APP Store and Google Play program download page. Program of more and more, forcing developers to pay advertising for downloads.

Facebook Exchange also big step forward, it according to the user’s browser history precision advertising. Facebook Gifts are products of the company directly into electricity, but was not successful. It failed to bring a lot of revenue, may need to adjust the product, may should let users to buy the real gift to a friend. Payment business revenue growth is a bit slow, mainly because Facebook mobile payment is divided into 30%, apple and Google are not.


for investors, have a chance to exciting, it is advertising into the Graph Search. Future service may combine with keywords, to really compete with Google AdWords. More and more local companies to accept the new technology, which could lay the foundation for Facebook’s future growth. At present, the local companies seldom buy positive social advertising, but can see budget will from printing precision is not high, the telephone of the advertising to Facebook.

Facebook to make money is not greedy. It did not launch a TV commercial video ads, stopped mobile advertising network. If forced to launch the absolute will greatly improve revenue, but will lead to the user, because for it to take advantage of user data. Outside the site and the procedure, Facebook users’ personal data to strengthen advertising can use, in this way, not in their service to provide more advertising can increase the revenue. This opportunity is larger than any other opportunities.

more importantly Facebook action not obvious way of making money it makes the world connected target. Indeed, the more the ads on Facebook, especially the mobile space, but it didn’t irritate users, according to data no results in the decrease of user engagement.

Faceboook m&a guy still growing, it is no longer a star start-up, cannot let users doubled in a year. It is not mature, no profit, no drain data and use can bring every dime. It listed withstood the storm, no ruined himself, for example, it didn’t ruin the user experience, it is still the basic application of the world. If it can not too greed, focus on the community’s long-term health, can win enough time to figure out how to make the business to develop.