Facebook launched many people share the photo album, it’s easier to jointly maintain users

science and technology of foreign media reported Mashable, Facebook will launch a multi-user Shared album functions.

it is understood that after this feature allows the user to create a photo album, you can add another 50 most users, and upload photos to the photo album with them. The uploader can upload as many as 200 per picture. In addition, users can also through the privacy Settings, decided to upload your own photos to share with which range of people (other users upload, upload their friends, or open).

at present, the new feature only applies to the PC version of Facebook, and small-scale trial in the UK users. In addition, Facebook said, the future a period of time, they will continue to improve the perfect function. It is understood that the new function, it is by Facebook’s 12 engineers in the “programming” marathon held in internal activities and developed. However, there is no sign, whether the new feature will be integrated into them.

actually, Facebook is not the first company introduced many people share the photo album features. Previously, such as, entrepreneurial company had brought such applications. However, given that Facebook and sets of its popularity, and the continuous improvement of the function, the prospects of these small firms to say the least is very worrying.