Facebook Home: not a system, but a Launcher

7 hours ago, Facebook at a news conference, issued a compelling Facebook Home . It is interesting to note that this is not a system, it is a set of UI or the Launcher .


the Launcher will soon enter Google Play for users to download download, with Go user desktop applications, such as competition. The Facebook Home support six mobile phone, HTC One X , One X + , One , samsung the Galaxy S3, S4, Glaxy Note .

as with all the Launcher , Facebook Home after your phone home screen will change. It has redesigned for the center with people rather than application interface, the main screen is Cover Feed , also is the friend’s news update. At the same time full-screen images from the information flow. You can switch CARDS with all fingers view Facebook update there is a “black mirror” in the second quarter of the visual sense), double click is a Like ( them ). At the same time screen virtual out your personal facebook picture, this is a button, long press can bring up the app list.

the lock screen interface also has been replaced by the Facebook your own. We know that some UI will display on the lock screen interface, Facebook Home too, the lock screen interface will show all kinds of notice, of course, is just from Facebook .

HTC and Facebook contact announced that it will in the AT& T cooperation launch a carrying Facebook Home phone: HTC First . 4 on 12 day, contract price 99 $. Don’t want to buy New users can download feeling Facebook Home . If your phone is not Home know yuan six mobile phone, that you can wait a little bit about the, Facebook official says it will support more mainstream models.