Facebook announced acquisition of stories to share platforms Storylane team

Fcebook announced the acquisition of community story sharing platform Storylane behind the team, the CEO said today on its web site, the acquisition, is to launch the latest Storylane behind the team, rather than Storylane product itself.

Storylane is a “story” site, easy to imagine that the form of blog’s Obvious Crop. Facebook has just released the News Feed, also hope to the user as the center to share their stories.

Gheller said, “the company to help users better communication with people they care about, improve business efficiency, finding true love find new friends, two years later, the team will continue in this direction.” “After discussion research, and Fceebook team work together will have a greater impact, so today we speak to join Facebook announced Storylane team, this is an exciting, Facebook connect the mission of the world will be central to our work, just like our friends in Facebook, meaningful connectivity is most concern issues for our team.”

you can use any of the desired way to use our services to save and share your moving story. If you need, we will also develop can help you to transfer content to other services. Facebook will not get you any data information. Now we need to make sure that users can easily transfer under the management of their own content.

Gheller for investors and user’s contribution to the company: “the most important thing is that, in this, I need to thank our users. It is your passion, dedication and willingness to share the spirit of that Storylane can have today such a unique user experience. We have learned so much from you, but your thoughts, creativity will always be with us, and the next phase of the journey in the company continue to give us inspiration.”

just a few days ago, Storylane released an iPhone APP, and announced that it has 200000 stories can be Shared, website, this is the end of last year launched the first news we hear.