Facebook allows customers according to the advertisement release to the users of online information

according to foreign media reports, Facebook to expand the function of advertising platform, according to the user on the desktop and mobile devices history of online advertising information to users.

Facebook said, called “partner” categories of this program is designed to make advertising partners to more users targeted advertisement, “at present, advertisers can according to user’s interest in Facebook expression wide release. Using the partner categories, advertisers can according to the user on the desktop systems, mobile devices, online product and brand advertising to the user “.

according to Facebook, according to the new system allows a regional auto dealers according to Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon and other information gathered by a third party, to living nearby, who are interested to buy a new car ads.

Facebook commitment, the company, the third party or advertiser not Shared between users’ personal information. Similar to other precision Facebook advertising products, partner categories only know audience size, not any information for individual users.


partner categories are divided into more than 500 kinds, such as “Cereal food Buyers” (Cereal Buyers), including more than 14.8 million “large purchases of grain”. “Cereal food buyers” and can be further refined into children’s food buyers, fiber buyers.

partner categories can be combined with other Facebook accurate advertisement service, therefore, advertisers can narrow the scope of the advertising campaign. From this day, the United States advertisers can be accessed through the API (application programming interface) partner categories.

translation: sohu it