Facebook added option, “professional skills” data challenge Linkedin recruitment field

according to foreign technology media Mashable , Facebook in the user data added a new option called “professional skills”. Analysts believe that this is Facebook Linkedin a typical manifestation of competition.

it is understood that this tiny changes first is because yesterday was first reported. So far, Facebook the official did not comment on this new function.

open “about” – “learning and work experience”, “professional skills”, after the user by clicking on the edit button, you can check the option of various skills. Completed, users can also by clicking on a certain professional skills, to have the same skills and interests of the existing contact page.

this tiny change, on the one hand, can make clear employers to quickly browse information needed talents, on the other hand, also can let users looking for a job, targeted to get in touch with the company.

, according to a survey by Facebook to cover is significantly higher than the number of Linkedin . professional recruitment technology companies Jobvite in 2000 name found in adults in the United States, including 58% who is looking for a job when they choose to use the Facebook , and the same period of last year the proportion of 48% . In contrast, 38% will choose Linkedin (in the same period last year as the 30% ).

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