Facebook acknowledges that users loss for the first time

face Snapchat such as focusing on young users, mobile first social network, Facebook is shown slightly weak. The CFO David YiBoMan in today’s earnings analysis meeting admitted: Facebook “did find daily active users to drop, especially among teenagers user groups”. But he still said: “from the second to the third quarter, American teenagers in Facebook usage remained stable.” This is the first time Facebook official formal response to the crisis “” teenagers users.

Facebook official also said: “we still remain popular among teenagers user community.” And points out that there is no large amounts of data to support “teenagers are fleeing Facebook” this argument. But there are a sign of “suspicious”. YiBoMan says he was motivated to share these with investors, because “had been asked to many questions about teenagers users”.

in the last quarter, Facebook users also insisted that denied the existence of teenagers erosion problems. July when mark zuckerberg said: “I particularly want to American teenagers users to use Facebook. Media has had a lot of discussion and speculation about Facebook users teenagers loss problem. But from the point of our data, it is not accurate.”

however social landscape is dramatic change.

why fewer and fewer young people use Facebook?

it is thought that the American teenagers do not use Facebook, because of the new social tools such as Snapchat provides a more personal style. If you developed some photos or posts on Facebook, shall be prepared by various eye view, friends, teachers and parents. Someone will judge you according to the inevitable. Young people will think this kind of stupid behavior.

another reason maybe is too difficult to use Facebook mobile applications. Relative to other new type of social applications, Facebook app too bloated: News Feed, messageing, recruitment, events, groups and applications, and so on and so on are mix to the application in a large. Like it or not, open. And sets, Snapchat design very simple, you open it to view and share photos/video.

in the end, adolescent psychological as well as adults mature unavoidably again (the second disease). Some of the more common “hormone driven” behavior, while Facebook though hard, but was not able to meet this need. Instead, some new social application provides the possibility of more personal expression.

maybe, a ten-year Chen “old” social networking sites have an inability to meet these new requirements.