“Exclusive” what you don’t know Yao Jinbo: the rise of another grass roots

(contributing authors: continuous heavy rain)

if Mr. CAI is the king of webmaster, so Yao Jinbo this potential underwater king of the webmaster, with 58 city listed, surfaced. I and Yao Jinbo himself had two face-to-face communication, and hanging out with all the year round in the Internet industry, anecdotes about Yao Jinbo, know too much. Pick a few I think there’s a representative story, for hunting cloud network readers to read, and read these stories is that the media has never been reported.

a, the first people to fry the domain name

Yao Jinbo is the man I know the first hype domain, in 2000, Yao Jinbo founded Yi Yu network, then the site was taken over by 2000 nets. Since then, Yao Jinbo name known in the rice farmers. These are the industry friends are the most familiar story, as the cloud network of readers, who know a newbest Yao Jinbo domain business business is which a few? As far as I know, this domain name 51. com is Yao Jinbo sold com, the most famous of a domain name. Yao Jinbo do domain name business is notoriously shrewd. Meituan network, for instance, now vice President of Wang Huiwen before startup of tao book (taofang.com), which was Yao Jinbo 3 million bottom, because the king not to sell wood. Domain name is sometimes used by Yao Jinbo emergency, 2007 Yao Jinbo are in urgent need of money, to sell a domain name to my friend, offer hundreds of thousands of. Most of my friend want to pay half, he and his lover to hail a cab went to my friend’s office to intercede, indicating the shrewd in business.

Yao Jinbo do domain name business best, hand com, with most of the two Numbers such as 52. com are still in his hand, sold 67. com was one of the capital IT SiShao high burning.

2, dig to the king of seo

there are only a few estimates that the mainstream media know xiao-hua Chen (of course, like cloud network hunting ground of the mainstream technology blog portal is an exception, haha), but this man in webmaster circles, title is quite loud, especially in the SEO industry, he is known as the king of SEO. The name “rocks”, have a passion for youth of the Texas poker is another grassroots legend. The man in 58 city development history, the credit is considerable. Real traders made website knows, a large part of web site traffic from search engines, and even some basic site on search engines to put back the clock. Similarly, classifieds site drainage, also need to rely on search engines because natural traffic from the search is free, free, so, pay attention to SEO is inevitable.

c. specialty is the study of search engine research is very clear, very good at SEO, he started is to please the market network, and do very well, you live in baidu search information, often is the market network in front, but then a lot of friends all don’t know why he went to the 58 city? Here is the story, Yao Jinbo digging up the Angle, and it is cutting Angle. , it is said that the price is Yao Jinbo pay 1.1% of the 58 city shares. According to today’s market capitalization, c. his stake was worth about $18 million, the veritable billionaires.

however, obviously the fact that Yao Jinbo the poaching is worth it. No. C., Yao Jinbo in 58 shares have more than 500 million dollars? It’s hard to say. But will look from poaching, Yao Jinbo treat competitors, unambiguous, enough malicious.

three, wooden and sleek

many years later, the “only you” see Yao Jinbo on stage, I am very strange, why spend money on such a promotion: 58, in my opinion, Yao Jinbo is a very shy person. 2010 Yao Jinbo and I had a more than 1 hours of conversation, he left me the impression that scripted, shy wooden. When it comes to the classified information market, and market network, obvious noticing him even more nervous. Later, the two sides to keep the MSN. After he took part in “you”, I was still in MSN asked him, but without any reply. A reserved person is one of the language class shows, for the sake of 58 profile, Yao Jinbo throwing caution to the wind, this is the “face” this also can see his flexible and smooth.

a interesting thing is that, in recent years, and he knew his original many webmasters are said to me, Yao Jinbo don’t “responding to them,” me to understand his conduct as, he wanted to rush to from adsense, obtain the mainstream status, the Internet, and Mr. CAI so alike.

finally give hunters cloud network readers explosive loading, 58 city of angels is Mr. CAI, so everyone knows why Mr. CAI will appear in the United States listed on 58 team.