Exclusive: the nut or will launch a smart watch electronics design drawings by exposure

in the near future, cloud network exclusive hunting to obtain a set of a marked Bambook Smart Watch logo Smart watches, suspected for shells electronic will launch its own brand Smart watches in the future.

cloud network exclusive hunting for Smart Watch design

look from the exposure of the screenshots, Bambook Smart Watch Smart Watch will pick up shells their depth of custom Android, at the same time will be combined with their own software, including voice, navigation, information, time management, health testing, iot, remote control and so on netizens required functionality.

at the same time, from the design of the strap, Bambook Smart Watch strap design may be different from ordinary Watch strap, especially the interface section may be used for data transfer and charging interface, so you can easily achieve data transmission by a third party.

at present, including Google Glass, apple iWatch intelligent terminal has become the development of many Internet companies such as planning the next generation of intelligent product map, the fruit shell electron has successively introduced including Bambook ebooks, Bambook phone, multiple intelligent terminal products, according to the logical thinking, Bambook Smart Watch will likely become shells under the electronic launched an intelligent terminal products.