Exclusive: the news that the spring rain palm doctor completed B round of funding

(editor: LAN samantha chang)

investors to hunt cloud network, founded by former netease vice editor-in-chief keen palm doctor has completed the medical application of spring rain B round of funding. But the person did not disclose the financing amount, the investor, etc. For more details.

keen in April last year, said in an interview with the media companies have launched B rounds of financing, financing scale at about $8 million.

according to public information spring rain palm is a doctor lets users “self diagnostics + interrogation” mobile client. The doctor clinic features currently provides two kinds of service, a is the patient in the form of voice, images and upload data message ask service, 2 it is to make an appointment to the doctor.

keen Ren Jinghua times JiZheBu director, deputy editor in chief of netease, in May 2011 from netease departure business, launched in November rain palm doctor APP, and received A round of $3 million in financing.

hunting cloud network learned that medical websites clove garden also has been completed in December last year round, B value of around $10 m, investors including suitable for funds and DCM.

the investment community told cloud network, hunting in the medical industry, there are a lot of business opportunities.

contact keen hunting cloud network, by the time, keen hunting cloud network information did not reply.