Exclusive: the new mobile phone QQ “copy” WeChat commentary ruchao evil

(editor ma kai)

phone QQ really counter attack WeChat? After more to WeChat, mobile phone QQ “victory” is not so well.

“QQ new mobile # iPhone4.0 formal AppStore online! Private is well received by everyone in the group of aides, keep to come! Group of news too much? Accept the accept, less harassment, more neat, concerned about the news won’t miss! Because of QQ, and friends never separated, you in, the youth in!”

this month 10, mobile phone QQ team issued the official information in sina weibo, QQ new mobile iPhone4.0 formal AppStore online. As of the time, this is the official weibo received nearly 3000 comments, hunting cloud network found that been one-sided comments.

@ Wu Weibin classmate: is well received by you? I didn’t see, how are called garbage. Also true enough garbage, couldn’t come up with new ideas to come out, on the whole a complete online idea come out?

@ sunny little who: don’t funny really don’t know what the fake you updated version is doing the somebody else micro letter does not have its own characteristics of serious let me to produce a dense phobia of illusion even friends whether online use mobile phones or computers don’t even know what don’t you release the new concept of time is agreed with hands?

@ virgo jun: sleep not to mean upgrade the 2013 edition of ‘good garbage! All people online ‘want to see who’s online to dynamic that specially to go? Sincerely ask contacts to come why? Now mobile phone computer landing end all could not see! Product managers’ private ‘user experience is why? Determined to give up qq.

@ called le: updated all users show online, so speechless. Why did you get my cell phone QQ has become a big wave zombie near. I didn’t kind of mobile phone can’t kind of sunflower pea

@ qing color child _oO: new mobile QQ really complicated! Just check online friends, so complicated! Experience is very bad! Increase user action!!!!!! Waste brain! Your team no one? The user experience architect at this level???

@ dadachongchong: don’t hand base, bobbin, no regret medicine==give me back to the 2012 version genuflect is begged==can only use my small 4, back – small five new more can’t look straight into the QQ — —

@ eat a child: collective outrage can get the original back. At least his mama give customers a choice. This pit dad ma. No moral integrity and the lower limit

@ or peach elder brother: all see online friends. Want to dynamic query in the informant. What if I want to find stealth. The iphone unique background online function to cancel 24 hours a day. Mobile client does not display. What do you mean? You don’t change it back to us ah. This to hundreds of millions of users. Do you have the heart to? .

in apple’s app store, the new was met by the user’s “criticism”. At present, in the received 38411 comments, up to 36287 comments is a star.

the personage inside course of study to the huntsmen cloud network, according to the analysis of the mobile phone QQ copy WeChat features painstakingly, but whether to break the original QQ use experience, obviously assessment is not enough. Ma said mobile phone QQ and WeChat is two products can not be replaced, but obviously, the competition within the team lead to cell phone QQ a bit “regardless”.

“strictly speaking, this is tencent company major product accident.”