Exclusive survey: 51 book shi yuzhu investment losses, 51 and floating in the secret of the underwater

on February 26, the news media began reporting: giant released 2012 Q4 earnings, according to the company to invest in 2008 of 51. com website has been prepared to 240.7 million yuan ($38.6 million) impairment. Shi yuzhu on 51. com investment of $51 million in four and a half years by nearly eighty percent.

this loss has also led to the giant network Q4 net income of 82.7 million yuan ($13.3 million), compared with the same period last year fell 66.4%, than the previous quarter fell 73.5%.

bosses shi yuzhu investment 51 book losses resulted threw the 51 moments on the forefront, vaguely remember ma attracts 51 with shi yuzhu, finally give up what one favours the former to the latter.

the perspective of media is more simple focus on page 51 transformation do swim. Cloud network hunting after days of investigation, interviewed several people familiar with the 51 to find out the more, the development of the real details.

51 power game

according to executives close to com to cloud network hunting, SNS arrested development, 51 began plotting to web game transformation in 2011, officially started in the first half of 2012, to the second half of 2012, 51 games position has become the cover pool swim swim, since the research pages, client game, mobile phone terminal (made of the new consortium) and so on several games business. People familiar with the Chen pool that income is the best at present.

as for revenue, income in water has been more than 20 million. But compared with many small web companies, the performance is not particularly outstanding, but the years if there is no problem.

after hunting cloud network has the scoop, 51 internal announced to IPO this year. According to another, according to people familiar with the transformation of 51 for investors is social gaming community. The senior people at the same time to the hunt cloud network, is believed to be the same in Shanghai kai the SNS games network science and technology co., LTD., also have the participation of com.

underwater business exposure

the game just 51 float on the water business, after several days of investigation. Cloud network found hunting, 51 is a piece of the current month income of millions without exposure level but fast-growing business.

a video dating industry veteran small K told hunting cloud network, 51 have a low profile into the video dating industry, in addition to the joint operating v.51.com, 51 companies themselves also separate launched two independent video dating site: 179. com and ku123.com. Cloud network landing site of the two found that hunting and ordinary video dating site is not.

from hunting cloud network system inquires, found 179. com and ku123.com was affiliated to Shanghai I want to network development co., LTD.

two domain names are in 51 company name

krystkowiak said that although the two video dating site operation time is not long, but every month brings millions of revenue, and growth is very fast, in not take long before. Cloud network interview to hunt a 51 insiders, the who confirmed a 51 does in the operation of these two projects, said the company is very low-key, not willing to reveal more details.

public information, 9158 by video dating can earn up to 1 billion a year. “Video dating is to make money, but are now at edges, faces many risks, if there is no strong resources support behind, it is easy to collapse. So 9158 sina. Standing behind the 51 shi yuzhu, behind the resources is rich. It’s hard to say, shi yuzhu is not involved in these programs.” Krystkowiak said.

cloud network connection com hunting, as of the time, has not been com reply.

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