Exclusive: sohu video CTO gangjiang li departure is put forward

on March 15, hunting cloud network news

today’s media to the video CTO gangjiang li whether’s resignation, li said. But hunting cloud network from sohu authorities, according to gangjiang li has submitted his resignation in the near future.

according to the authorities to cloud network hunting, sohu video at the top has to retain gangjiang li, but at the same time as an alternative, sohu video has been looking for an external female executives used to replace gangjiang li.

gangjiang li officially introduced in November 2011, sohu video, led directly to video CEO Deng Ye, overall responsibility for sohu video product technology, including technology products and mobile video team.

if gangjiang li secretly determined, the sohu video temporary just over a year.

gangjiang li

gangjiang li graduated from tsinghua university, the university bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science. After he had been at this School of Management (the Garvin School of International Management) EMBA study. Gangjiang li has authoritative technical background and rich experience in management. Before joining sohu, he has worked at Google for more than four years time. As Google the r&d center manager and Google Search the position of director of Shanghai r&d center, lead the team responsible for Google Knowledge Search, Google Image Search and Google Video Search products such as design and development work. He has successively Morgan Stanley vice President of Shanghai company, Intel Asia Pacific r&d co., LTD., senior manager of research and development and the United States department of Microsoft digital multimedia such as senior engineer position.