Exclusive: sina exposure is aggressively looking for literature

(editor: liu)

after the first reported last month, hunting cloud network learned once again that the main body of the literature company named Beijing sina reading information technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “sina reading), at present, the business line is hiring spree.

information display, in July 2013, sina book formal break-up, founded Beijing sina reading information technology co., LTD., the company is made up by sina’s three big business, sina book (book.sina.com.cn), weibo respectively reading (manhua.weibo.com) (book.weibo.com), micro comics three brands and business. Sina’s reading is now out of sina’s headquarters, a separate office in other place.

at present, sina’s reading is belong in the portal website sina corp. ‘s with the microblogging platform in the vertical lines of business. Company’s vision is to make Chinese excellent interactive community platform, at the same time as the content provider and the authors provide a good platform for the marketing and welfare, hope that through good content, good writers, good platform to build into a healthy and orderly ecological system.

cloud network hunting through the official website of Beijing administration for industry and commerce, sina artificial Lv Tingbin reading company law, the registered capital is 1 million yuan, was established on January 20, 2010 has, operation period until January 20, 2030.

Lv Tingbin

in fact, I also in the name of the company as a legal person registered for Beijing d read information technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Beijing d read) and Beijing index interactive information technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: index interaction). Among them, Beijing d read information technology co., LTD. Was founded by sina, are currently operates sina weibo platform slightly comic. Beijing index interactive information technology co., LTD. Was established in March 2008, is China mobile reading base BSS company technical support and professional platform.

it is unclear whether the index whether interaction is sina subsidiary. However, it is important to note that Beijing d read to interact with the index of the two companies has not been registered address another road, haidian district, jiahao international centre, 116 C, just at room 1506 and room 1507, respectively. Office more likely as a result, the two companies together, is likely to be affiliated with sina.

sina to integrate its business is reading the company’s background, the arrival of the mobile reading trend of tencent, baidu and other giants have begun investing to plunder the resources and attempt to challenge the traditional strong – shanda literature. Sina as traditional domestic media empire, nature will not throw away the market.

now, tencent literature is around poaching and expand the overall layout, baidu literature are girding plundered many resources, which are in the challenge to the traditional strong – shanda literature.

in view of this, sina’s reading has opened a recruitment plan in the near future, the current post editor, market, business and customer service and technical jobs, work site distribution in Beijing and xiamen.