Exclusive resolution: guo 17.2 G is how spread through the network up?

the latest network spread guo 17.2 G … But no one has download. Why is that?

because this video doesn’t exist. It’s just a rumor. Where is the source of the rumor, and how to spread, hunting cloud network exclusive parsing.

the origin of rumors in the Twitter . Twitter ID : @ ChinaNewsNets, nicknamed @ false news network in east Asia (Chinese version) account, often publish false information, you can read about it before, will find many familiar false message originated from the account.

the account profile is: the ID issued by content without a word of truth, is full of rumors and jokes and fake news, do not forward contents contained inside the wall, without authorization, forwarding is really any consequences generated by the .

about guo 17.2 G Tweet screenshots are as follows:


Twitter users, to try to turn on. There are some more understand this account of the nature of Twitter user input.

obviously not all follow the “ contained forward wall” of the content of this principle. Guo 17.2 G yesterday afternoon and start in weibo a lot this morning. Unidentified truth strives for the voice of the masses is very high…

the fake news Asia jokes, often even. Absurd but very confusing. It is written, there is actually a lot of people the heart expected. In fact, we live in this society is sometimes a real occurrence, but also like a joke, unbelievable.

however, guo 17.2 G talk after all is false.


at last. Please don’t say: the pants are out of, you gave me to read this. Take off or put on, SAO years. XD

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