Exclusive: phone taobao will push open platform of micro letter

with the authority of the elite to the cloud network exclusive hunting, taobao under new wireless business products and to redesign of mobile phone taobao client, new products will increase the function of open platform. Mobile phone taobao to absorb more of the third party strength, wary of the threat from the WeChat.

the executives convective cloud network, said before the job by the network in the air as editor in chief of hsiao focus. The model of the product is in the midst of discussion. “Unlike WeChat, also different from weibo, similar to a weibo and WeChat syntheses. Good platform, can allow a third party content (specific content inside is still in discussion) display on the cell phone taobao APP.”

the personage inside course of study thinks, wireless taobao open platform for the industry will have a significant impact, for months, the discussion about electricity WeChat grafting, taobao in defence and at the same time, is exploring a new electric business path under the mobile Internet.

another person familiar with the convective cloud network, said taobao wireless will be promoted this year day cat applications, installed goal is $1.