Exclusive: love of dissolution of 5 points inside the mall to do another jingdong

locate general merchandise retail, wholesale, group purchase one-stop service e-commerce sites love from mall is dissolved. Love from mall is set up by haier with British retailers Argos, only launched in December last year, operating less than three months ago.
Earlier, before the hunting cloud network has already reported the dissolution of love from mall.

why love gu mall in such a short time after operations dissolved? Hunting cloud network connection to the employees of love from mall. Got message finishing below

1, the love of mall although announced it was launched in December last year, but the press release has been operating for several months before their time. The exact date is October 15 last year.

2, love mall product positioning chaos, although the so-called positioning household, but household didn’t occupy the core plate.

3, marketing strategy, has not find a suitable electrical contractor to start.

4, serious strategic differences. British people do not understand the Chinese market, also hope to build the integrated like jingdong mall. This and haier produced serious differences between the Chinese people.

5 day after day, haier has to use their own suitable logistics structures, daily along the mall, the use of haier offline stores do O2O merchants. Start a

another love although gu mall dissolved, but subsequent liquidation work also need several months to complete.