Exclusive: insiders said the phoenix network CTO Wu Huapeng departure

close to phoenix network CTO Wu Huapeng insiders told hunting cloud network, Wu Huapeng have left. Unaccounted for.

the person said, Wu Huapeng in phoenix net overall in charge of the entire technical system for a long time, familiarity with the technical architecture of the website system second to none. The sudden departure, wu is confusing.

the Wu Huapeng as phoenix TV executives often appear in public, for a long time on behalf of the phoenix nets to attend meetings, speeches and other activities.

however, informed sources told otherwise hunting cloud network, wu began in February in the process of entrepreneurial projects, the direction is the mobile Internet.

cloud network contact Wu Huapeng himself, hunting time has yet to receive any reply.

Wu Huapeng resume:

in 1996 and 2000, respectively, from tsinghua university department of precision instruments and machinery, bachelor’s and master’s;

between January 2000 and September 2005 successive phoenix, deputy director of the network technology, technology center, general manager, etc;

in October 2005 to September 2007 A8 music group technical director; In September 2006, has created nearly 200 members of the Internet technology elite Club iTech Club, ren, chairman of the Club to date, accumulated valuable IT contacts;

since October 2007 as Ren Fenghuang vice President of new media, fully responsible for technology and new product research and development work.

in April 2013, leaving