Exclusive: happy hunan radio and television for start or into the gem IPO electricity first

yesterday night, hunting cloud network readers to this fact, according to hunan radio and television is controlled by e-commerce companies happy purchase has been launched IPO plan, to land on domestic gem.

Happigo Home Shopping Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “happy”) established by hunan radio and television invest one hundred million yuan by the end of 2005, the practice operation in March 2006. Happy to buy from TV department stores, chain operation, positioning “media and retail, e-commerce”.

in 2009, happy and purchasing power electric ShangChengLi dog media technology (Beijing) co., LTD., a comprehensive business e-commerce site www.happigo.com and mobile phone shopping program at wap.happigo.com.

happy to buy the happy shopping network, TV, catalog, telephone call, mobile phone, I am a big beauty, such as radio channel, provide 18 categories, nearly 6000 kinds of 3 c home appliance, digital communications, household items, jewelry, beauty skin care, bags clothes, sports leisure, fashion boutique and travel goods, insurance, auto, etc.
People familiar with the matter to the cloud network hunting, happiness chose domestic gem listed. And the gem listing application conditions: first, the last two years of continuous profitability indicators for issuers, no less than ten million yuan, the last two years net income and sustained growth; The second indicators for recent year profit and net profit of not less than five million yuan, the latest year revenue of not less than fifty million yuan, the last two years operating income growth rate is not lower than thirty percent.

“the gem listing conditions, happy to buy all fit.” The source said.

happy hunting cloud network to buy the official patch, a don’t want to be named happy purchase top by default the message.

happy purchase once listed, will become the first domestic electricity enterprise involved in. After the electric business enterprise own web application gem was rejected.