Exclusive: grand integration cool 6 will push big cool video Officials deny

there are close to grand informed executives told cloud network exclusive hunting, grand because of dissatisfaction with cool 6 performance to cool integrate restructuring. Cool 6 overall will be collected into the upcoming grand video.

, according to people familiar with the big video will with cool 6 for the team, at the same time, integrating shanda video cloud services, the future will be the mode of shanda literature for reference, to change the original predominantly advertising business model, cultivate and establish individual charging mechanism. There years of cool 6 brand will become relics.

According to people familiar with the

another to hunt cloud network, according to Chen personally clappers in abroad has made the significant adjustment, cool six staff were incorporated into the grand video, but big aspect will be to cool 6 management adjustments, as a transitional figure, cool 6 current chief executive ShiYu is likely to be adjusted out, return to a big group.

6 results show that the 2012 fiscal year in the fourth quarter, the total revenue of $3.35 million, rose 9.6%, fell 24.2%. A net loss of $2.98 million, while the third quarter net loss of $3.25 million, a net loss of $3.94 million in fiscal year 2011 the fourth quarter. Full-year net loss of $9.03 million in 2012.

in loss-making situation, the message is the personage inside course of study thinks is probably true, but this website today received a cool 6 network statement, said the news completely with the facts, cool 6 network will, as always, for the majority of users with high-quality video services, there are no grand to integrate and cancel 6 brands.