Exclusive: former vice President of zte Luo Zhongsheng to cool

in the near future, have taken place in the IT industry with major personnel changes. Informed executives to hunt cloud network exclusive report, said the former vice President of zte Luo Zhongsheng has joined the cool as vice President, responsible for cool the whole business overseas.

after the industry across Luo Zhongsheng early in March this year it has been put forward to zte, but did not get zte and I confirmed. Luo Zhongsheng since then has not attend public activities on behalf of zte, the more heavy industry speculation, to at that time a mystery.

since then, zte has had the greater shakeup, vice President of China is responsible for the intelligent terminal marketing Shen Li announced officially out today. Shen Li originally in zte China is responsible for the intelligent terminal marketing, February 17, Shen Li revealed in weibo “laid off” : the “notification on the first day to work, I stand on the ok! Is the farewell to management positions, laid off “on the stand. Raising awareness of the “zte executives fired”. Zte insiders have revealed that Shen Li common is high, the market strategy towards mobile phone “market share”, it has to do with zte executives stressed the “cash and profit first” runs counter to the tone; 2012 Shen Li is mainly responsible for zte mobile TV business channel marketing, but because of “unfinished tasks”, at the beginning of this year has been adjusted to work.

Shen Li departure, then in charge of China mobile phone sales vice President of zte Luo Zhongsheng what happened? Today, the outside world could end speculation, Luo Zhongsheng has joined the cool served as vice President in charge of cool the whole business overseas.

the personage inside course of study says, Luo Zhongsheng in zte, industry for many years in the zte’s career has been basically around the zte’s mobile phone business, is in fact the traders.

cloud network hunting to cool personage inside, the person said, “Luo Zhongsheng joined the cool, indeed, have to cool to work”.

the other according to Canalys released by the world authority of Q2 (the second quarter) smartphone market share data, cool with 10.8 million yearago rank smartphone 4, second only to samsung, apple and other international brands. In overseas markets, the cool in 2012 had joint U.S. carriers MetroPCS launched LTE 4 g phones “QUATTRO”, sold more than 1 million units.

however, wireless from China (yulong cool listed company) results that cool since the second half of 2012 in overseas sales of 4 g mobile phone, but of revenue so far accounted for only 3%, which indicates the business in the future there are still a lot of room to grow.