Exclusive fact: bosses from alibaba or for billions of smart grid

today’s blockbuster “gossip” is undoubtedly the giant gathered in the alibaba.

wang jianlin, feng lun, guo guangchang, li dongsheng, chao, li, ma huateng, jiang, victor koo, and other important level of prominent people had gathered. Could say that this is a highest domestic specifications of the big party.

the outside world can not help to extrapolate, Mr. Ma called so many giants?

cloud network hunting won the exclusive report today.

a familiar with participated in relevant matters of senior people today convective cloud network fact:

“remember double 11? Taobao day cat sold $191 a day. Not only is at that time, sitting in alibaba’s jack ma, and some traditional entrepreneurs such as white-collar female boss MiaoHongBing, of course the heavyweight other package wang jianlin, feng lun, guo guangchang, these people, of course, at that time no li, ma, etc.

big busy day, jack ma, why let those bosses staying in alibaba?

“ma is to want to these people to witness the miracle of alibaba. Let them feel the ferocity of the e-commerce.”

what is the purpose?

“clever jack ma is, of course, have their own ideas, prove that alibaba’s powerful enough to shake the whole business. Do you remember ma mentioned billions of smart grid investment? I asked Mr. Ma on this issue face to face, his logic is very clear, for the future development is also very confident. The only thing missing is the investment of money. For these people to clear the purpose of the big guy together to want them to witness the miracle of e-commerce, they see it, will naturally interested in Mr. Ma’s plan.”

“for intelligent logistics network, Mr Ma has raised about $30 billion. Alibaba foreign said, partners including Yintai, fosun, inferior, four-way, the financial investment institutions such as motion. But this time, the Internet giant, please, Mr. Li, ma, etc is to continue to push it. Have the money to pay the manpower, together with the resources, do big “

“why not choose senior club meeting, but in alibaba, is because of this, practical work, side can witness electricity hot atmosphere, much good.”

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