Exclusive: exposure Yi Xun quietly launched food channel closed

the B2C tencent holdings mall Yi Xun net food channel has quietly launched recently. At present, the food channel are classified under the “personal, cleaning, paper” classification, through the navigation cannot enter directly, through the website (http://list.51buy.com/2068-0-1-11-40-0-1 -. HTML) can access, should be in beta.

under the classification of food at present, there are “health food”, “the north and the south dry goods”, “leisure food”, “drink wine” four categories, less product quantity at present. Hunting cloud network according to the product ID judge has shelves shelves products are recent and half months.

at present, the domestic major B2B mall, dangdang, jingdong mall, amazon has a food channel, the jingdong mall has fresh channel. Started with Yi Xun network as in the 3 c electronic B2B mall, after the injection of tencent expand rapidly, rich product variety, open the food channel are inevitable. Its characteristics in first-tier cities to enhance a day attract many users, as higher food to delivery time requirement, convenient delivery should be able to bring many convenience to the user.

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