Exclusive: douban dig into electricity service shoppers

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to hunting, people familiar with the cloud network watercress dig electric business services, or to enable douban.com/show subdomain guide electricity products.

at present, the electricity douban this socialization service is in beta. From people familiar with the offer hunting cloud network, according to the guide electricity product will still be based on the relationship between users.

users share after commodity, watercress is given three buttons, wanted to buy, have,. From the perspective of a private page, links to purchase the main points to the taobao and Tmall.

before early watercress channel launched a “thing”, the users themselves can create a “thing”, the kinds of things, food, covers the site and software, Musical Instruments, toys, etc., this is also the douban dig electricity flow of another important entrance.

, according to people familiar with the douban don’t rule out the integrate these users share purchase link a guide social electricity business website.

at present, the electricity of douban realised mainly rely on books and movies into primarily.