Exclusive comprehensive inventory second generation Surface: Microsoft does not change, but to attract users with powerful peripherals and configuration

Beijing time yesterday 22:30, Microsoft released the second generation of the Surface flat. Although this event has not released the specific parameters of Surface products, by foreign media reported a series of science and technology, we seem to see the fact that Microsoft did not change the Surface the initial positioning, just hope with constantly improving hardware, peripherals to make the Surface more attractive.

Microsoft: the second generation Surface has a strong “core”, range, performance improved

a new generation Surface (Surface and Surface Pro 2) and the first generation product in appearance and size keeps basically the same. The only difference is likely to Surface 2 also launched a silver back cover of the equipment.

Surface 2 silver version

however, the second generation Surface has strengthened the “internal strength”. It is reported, Surface 2 adopted prototypes 4 processor. Excellent processor also let Surface 2 upgraded to a 1080 p full hd screen. At the same time, the Surface Pro 2 USES Intel Core i5 haas, processor. According to the vice President of Microsoft Surface department Panos Panay, according to the overall performance of the Surface Pro 2 will be up 20%, ability of GPU will increase 50%. Also, he pointed out that Surface Pro 2 processing speed than the 95% of laptops on the market at present. In terms of duration, haas, the processor will allow for the ascent of the Surface Pro 2 75%, approximately seven hours.

Surface Pro 2

in terms of price, the 32 gb Surface 2 for $449; And the price of 64 gb of Surface 2 for $549. In addition, the Surface Pro 2 is the price of $899 – $1799 range. The two devices are from this day to accept booking, and will launch on October 22.

: Microsoft Surface position is not changed, play all kinds of accessories is the “king”

in xiao yun’s view, this of the biggest highlights of the conference Surface is that Microsoft launched a series of Surface fitting. Mainly include: Power, Cover, expanding the “Cover” of the original product line, two Angle adjustable bracket, socket chassis – Docking Station.

to say Cover series.

Touch Cover: appearance on the size and the generation of similar products, from the original 80 touch-sensitive area increased to 1092, the response speed is faster. In addition, the second generation Touch Cover a 1 mm thinner than before. The most prominent change is that a new generation of Touch Cover and Type Cover all add the backlight button, this allows the user to continue to use in dim conditions. It is understood that a new generation of Touch Cover the retail price of $119.99, matching the use of wireless adapter need to pay an additional $59. In addition, the Touch Cover in today’s began to accept reservations. Strange, however, Microsoft announced a wireless adapter time to market in early 2014.

Touch Cover

Type Cover: black, red, purple, blue four color optional. More excellent button design, make operation more quiet. In addition, the Type Cover is also becoming more frivolous, and add the function of backlight. It is understood that the second generation Type Cover price is $129.99, in today’s start taking orders.

Type Cover

Power Cover: although Microsoft to become is the new product, but xiao yun think this product is more like a built-in battery Type Cover. The accessories of the built-in battery a 30 watts per hour. It is reported, it can make the Surface Pro 2 life increased by 2.5 times. Unfortunately, this part does not support the generation of Surface products. It is understood that the Power Cover the official price of $199.99, the specific time to market is unknown. (media analysis in early 2014)

Power Cover

two Angle adjustable brackets

many generation Surface users complain that the product is placed on the leg is not very convenient when using. But Microsoft didn’t put the Kickstand as a tool to adjust at will. The upgrade Surface bracket has two adjustable Angle (22 degrees, 55 degrees), so that users can use to adapt to different environment.


outlet chassis – Docking Station

a new generation of the expansion of the Surface plate has an exclusive outlets – Docking Station. Including in the three USB 2.0 at the back of the device, and a USB 3.0 port. Through the Docking Station, the user can link the mouse, keyboard, display frequency, as well as the physical network port.

docking Station

we found that Microsoft from the beginning to the Surface as a productivity tools. And achieve that means, in addition to the built-in Windows office software, Microsoft also launched a series of associated with the use of keyboard, mouse and so on. From the perspective of the various parts of the second generation Surface, the original intention of Microsoft did not change. At the same time, it think it is the key to attract users to use Surface equipment “selling point”.

Microsoft: next year LTE version of the second generation Surface

although a new generation Surface equipment support 4 g network, can Surface, vice President of Panos Panay, said Microsoft plans to launch next year LTE version of the product Surface. Analysts believe that the price of the equipment will be higher than the $449 version (Wifi Surface 2 price).

: Microsoft challenge apple’s Garage Band crazy DJ tool – Surface Remix Project

yesterday’s conference, with the second generation Surface of another, called “Surface Remix Project” Project. Actually to put it bluntly, it is controlled by a Touch of Cover “variation”, and one with apple Garage Band of similar DJ editor application. This tool has a mixing, a series of functions such as recording, allows users to create their own music.

Surface Music Kit

although Surface RT let Microsoft suffered huge losses, but now, Microsoft has not abandoned the development of the device. On the contrary, in order to implement the company of “hardware + service” development philosophy, Microsoft will also further enhance the development of Surface equipment, promotion. I hope this Surface can sell, at least not to discredit the PC giants face.