Exclusive: buy famous website know the Numbers of layoffs May 2013 collapse of the first case

on March 4, hunting cloud network news

well-informed people to cloud network exclusive hunting, according to buy well-known electrical business website to know us in the near future has completed large-scale layoffs, leaving several people.

“I heard its IM2.0 group was acquired, and the operation has so far found no profit pattern, also didn’t get the group on marketing support.” The source said.

know us net belonging to im2.0 interactive group, released in October 2011. It is worth noting that im2.0 Susan wang, founder of the interactive group is well-known in the industry, in December 2002 to join the oak Pacific group, former chief marketing officer and executive vice President, founded in 2008 main street network, then im2.0 interactive group is the fifth start-ups Susan wang.

Susan wang has said publicly that im2.0 interactive group valuation of $100 million.

to the rumors, hunting cloud network connection im2.0 operations, vice President of Venus, he firmly denied and said “we have just finished a few days ago semiannual staff assessment (PDP), and made corresponding adjustments according to the results of the assessment, involving the number of total number of 10? 15%.”

but hunting cloud network login to know the us open, found that not updated website home page has more than 10 days, as the U.S. official weibo also have more than 10 days is not updated, these phenomena indicate that know us open operating problems indeed.

the personage inside course of study says, Pinterest site popular with beautiful said, mushroom street demonstration effect, domestic buy a large number of web sites have sprung up rapidly over the past two years, as the network is one of the famous, the large-scale adjustment operation, know the us open will guide into 2013 site closed down for the first case.