Exclusive: baidu to buy a pocket bus layout mobile games

close to baidu, according to people familiar with the matter to the cloud network exclusive hunting baidu recently completed a merger, acquisition success mobile game portal pocket bus (ptbus.com).

people familiar with the matter told hunting cloud network, after several rounds of negotiations, the baidu “substantial” offer for pocket bus. Baidu, according to the insider disclosed to it after the completion of the acquisition, pocket bus team will remain the same, continue to operate. But baidu will introduce executives to pocket the bus.

by hunting cloud network time, baidu and pocket bus officials did not comment on m&a.

it is understood that the pocket bus due to mobile game portal, providing information including mobile phone games, mobile phone game downloads, etc.

although in baidu union summit late last year, baidu chief executive robin li of cold water on mobile games, he said “wireless gaming is not yet mature. Lightweight game on your mobile phone at present there is not much profit space, plus most of the game on the APP is free, the more reduced the profit. Due to pay on the mobile Internet and e-commerce, performance is not good enough, the advantage is not obvious.”

but the baidu on the mobile games have not stopped, baidu game has already started to various aspects of cooperation and game industry. In the baidu application channel, the game was also in the first place.

Analysts to hunt cloud network, said baidu acquisition pocket bus to strengthen layout mobile games, it’s a sign that baidu on mobile game, the game has been recognised as one of the best business model in the mobile Internet, cash-rich baidu did not rule out in the field continue to carry out mergers and acquisitions.