Exclusive application of Google glasses shop online next year

, Google is expected in the 2014 online Google glasses’s app store. Google glasses users and developers will wait until next year to see to the application of special store.

after the weekend, published in the New York times magazine on the Google glasses are mentioned in the user to capitalise on long after the program, this month 3 day, Google related aspects confirmed the plan.

this year summer, there are signs said Google glasses will apply the Google Play Store application, but since then no action. Published in time magazine of the article, the author Clive Thompson wrote: ( Google) company, said Google glasses is released to the public next year, when the Google will also corresponding application online mall.

Google to 3 day confirmed that these claims, but at the same time, the Google did not give further details. Google glasses’s app Store with Play Store and behavior of two separate a shop, or belong to Play Store ? Developers can to Glass application fee? And so on are unknown. ( Google glasses API terms of service require developers to provide free application at present. Clearly the clause and not permanent.

10 days ago, Google employees Timothy Jordan + , Google are to guide developers to submit application development, “so that quota, archive”, presumably this is preparing for the future app store. At the same time, he wrote, in the near future will have more detailed information release.

in a Google before the launch of the official app store, Google glasses users apply through some unofficial Google glasses summary directory to find the latest Glass application.

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