Exclusive: 360 repel baidu site 2345 at a cost of $80 million for navigation

today night, a person familiar with the to hunt cloud network revealed that 360 has been completed for navigation site 2345 (2345. com), a total of $80 million.

it is understood that the navigation website 2345. com is the third in the domestic market. People familiar with the matter, after several giants, including baidu, launched in 2345. Eventually 360 gives the competitive $80 million offer to fend off baidu, win the takeover battle.

“360 at huge premiums to buy navigation website, further enhances the channel power, at the same time will hao123 affiliated to baidu launched a powerful impact.” The person familiar with the matter said.

the industry, according to 360 search through channel advantage a flash, shook the foundations of the empire of baidu. “If the successful acquisition of 2345, 360 to baidu is a very bad news. Know that channel short version of the pain of baidu’s should be short-sighted dozen face of their own. With large amounts of cash, but important channel is still new competitors, baidu has no strategic investment?”