Every guest mobile strategy: lightweight APP will be a trend

recently, vice general manager, every guest phone YanXiaoDan revealed to the media in 2013 that mobile terminal layout and future strategy core. YanXiaoDan said in an interview with the media every guest mobile business has been mature, continuously optimize shopping software user experience is one of the basic work of the next six months, continuous innovation, offer more types shopping APP, also try to focus on wireless online in the future.

at the end of July, every guest introduced its niche shopping APP – “flash sales artifact”. Differentiation of APP is to let users have more options. At present, mobile phone users in A PP too much, and regular use of APP is relatively small, the customer need to have rich, fresh choice.

at present, the man has introduced two new mobile shopping products, that official flagship version of the APP and give priority to with third party goods “flash sales artifact”. Every guest’s next APP and sales independent brands “that box” will have online.

“flash sales artifact mundane guest is a new attempt, all products are to be selected to online, to provide valuable products flash sales on the way. will not become a third party brand inventory tool.” YanXiaoDan said, after three years of development, every guest mobile business has been mature, optimize shopping software is one of the core in the second half of the work, through the establishment of mobile terminal product testing standards, every guest fans invited to participate in shopping the design of the software product, will is of great help to every guest mobile terminal product design.

in 2013, every guest to the mobile sales accounted for 20% on average, peak 30%. “In those days didn’t think of mobile terminal development so fast, vancl APP in 2010 launched on January 10, four months after the breakthrough sales than a single day.” YanXiaoDan admitted that domestic mobile e-commerce development is very rapid, moving the average 2010 single were significantly lower than that of PC, but now the gap is becoming more and more small, only 10 yuan.

when it comes to electricity capacity of APP, YanXiaoDan said the APP should be lightweight, small and exquisite selection is more convenient, the APP can only meet the demand of consumers a. For example, although taobao platform provides a large number of skus, a lot of choice, but can let a person very tired. and guide in the current relatively popular class shopping software around a lot easier. So, every guest will be based on user segmentation try hatching some different types of products.

YanXiaoDan, said in 2012 that the mobile side core is marketing, tested in the market most of the channels. Compared with other types of APP, every guest APP promotion channel aspect appraisal standard is relatively clear, marketing channels are mainly accounted for 70% of the market this year amount distribution platform.

in every guest mobile phone business planning, flash sales artifact is not single. YanXiaoDan said that at the end of August, where visitors will be set on the WeChat “flash sales artifact” male. but it’s more information exchange platform, not involve too much promotion information. every guest want through WeChat platform to know fans demand, more interaction with fans.