Even wikipedia also began to decline, UGC model how broken?

wikipedia had been become UGC ( User Generated Content ) mode, one of the most successful website is numerous, newspapers and other media as a classic success stories. According to England “daily post” 10 on and , reported that several experts said, wikipedia is down. According to the 2007 years, wikipedia editor team narrowed the a third . Even by “lose the source of living water, wikipedia has not line?” Such as questioning.

wikipedia is established in 2001 , the 2013 , 1 month, wikipedia entries for the first English wikipedia has 415 an item, and all the world 282 language independent version of breakthrough 2100 an item, the total registered users also transcend 3200 ten thousand people, and number of editor in chief is beyond 12 one hundred million times. According to the famous Alexa statistics pointed out that there are almost all over the world 3.65 million of people use wikipedia, is the world’s largest advertising site. It is estimated that nearly every month 2.7 $of the American people to browse this website.

when a large number of users to use their surplus time to share in something, it is the power of large, wikipedia can have success today, a large part of the reason is from the world different users use their surplus time to create wikipedia content, enable it to have a larger effect, make knowledge, achievement transfer to more users.

user-generated content, this is the UGC , regardless of the blog, weibo, etc are also UGC model, the extended product of but with different product function and form. You might see on many news, magazine UGC mode, the advantages of but this model is not only the bright side, it also has a dark side, or why wikipedia editor team will shrink a third? Take blogs, once all the rage of xu’s blog, these people today can still contribute in a handful of weibo has been caught out, also the content contributors in decline, mostly in the onlookers. Why can cause this phenomenon? The author thinks that can from the following several aspects to talk about:

( 1 ) of information overload. Internet from 1.0 age to enter into the Internet 2.0 era, information is one of the most obvious change. 1.0 times the amount of information is scarce, whether there is a shortage of quality or quantity of wikipedia entry, while 2.0 to double the number of the era of information, all the way geometry, the number of sites from the most basic to the content of the site, including users are growing rapidly.

mass users in the contribution to the mass of huge amounts of website content (wikipedia is one of the representative of the website), these are the content of the massive contribution, also some people call it the big data age. How big is big data? A group called “the Internet” in a day, according to one day, the Internet can produce the entire contents of the etched 1.68 $zhang DVD ; Community from the post of 200 m (equivalent to time magazine 770 in literal). By the end of the 2012 years, data from TB ( 1024 gb=1 TB ) levels jumped to PB ( PB 1024 TB=1 ), 4 ( 1024 PB=1 EB ) and ZB (1024 EB=1 ZB) level.

mass content of user-generated content will be more difficult, for example. For the word “leave”, it can be a lot of, can also have many different meanings, but it can extend out of things is limited, the users’ contribution “leave” there is a limit to the information of the word. Even other vast amounts of information resources, so many users for years, the accumulation of information reaches a certain amount, the user will be more and more difficult to contribute their own content, not the user don’t want to contribute, just he can contribute resources are limited, how a person against a group of users?

( 2 ) the change of user behavior. User is a strange group, is not only a woman is fickle, men also varied. It is hard to understand your users will spend a lot of time and energy even money to ask for information on the Internet for free to contribute his knowledge, he is intentional or unintentional? Is short or long term? These are not concerned, because the user and the user is through virtual Internet together, even if can pass the Cookies to capture the user’s behavior, it is also hard to forcing users to contribute content.

amateur use public channel, often not to touch the potential readers as much as possible, but to search for a kind of guy, that is “open to find bosom friend”. Take me, I love table tennis, I would be willing to share the table tennis about knowledge, it is not necessary, so first of all, I will choose when not busy to contribute it, then it’s a matter of time, maybe I am busy forget, and forget the contribution, as well as I could contribute to go today, still can go to a contribution every day? Why I can’t wait for anybody else to contribute myself to enjoy? User is very much like “I”, and the user’s psychological behavior also will be different, laziness, selfishness is likely to make contribution.

how to let users have any reward motivation for a long time, this is very difficult. Take a daily weibo or a daily blog, can stick to three to five years or even decades of small, any boredom, laches sentiment, could let users, “the thing better to play”, the rhythm of the users on the Internet rapid transformation, the change of user behavior on the Internet, is also a big reason of the decline of wikipedia.

( 3 ) lack of innovation. The Internet is a rapidly changing product, because the user is in changing all the time, the product must be of service to users around the user to change. Wikipedia have innovation over the years? Have, affirmation is some, whether content itself or the other, are constantly changing. But his innovation is not enough, not enough to let vast users around the circle formed by wikipedia products to action.

is the Internet content is king, but the forms of expression of the content is not pure text, it also has voice, video, pictures, etc to highlight, pure white, not only can cause information overload, user’s demand for it is not satisfied. Content of form, the contribution of the content, is wikipedia should break through. Watched decade more beautiful, more beautiful in ten years, she also will become a “yellow face woman”, not wikipedia is not innovation, but its innovation is not enough to meet the needs of users, is not enough to satisfy the users to contribute content level.

( 4 ) against cheating. “A mouse, scourge explode”, this sentence is very suitable for use on the Internet, whether it is Google, wikipedia and other Internet companies, is cheating damage of liver injury lung, even closed because there are many small and medium-sized site water army issue directly. Wikipedia open registration mechanism, giving water army very convenient channels, the user can easily get out of the entry of people spend a lot of energy to do.

why are you in the blog, microblogging always reaction post, zombie powder too much garbage? This time is depends on product against cheating. It is not only in the wide spread users, but also on the user quality, content, quality good. Maybe you spend a day or days contribution entry, a flash can’t be changed to related entries, you can not control.