Entrepreneurship, wu said the don’t VC!



this venture, wu said, I don’t accept VC.

on Wednesday night, after a series of links, wu finally sent me messages, invite me the next day at noon to eat a meal together.

will you eat in sanyuanqiao phoenix street cafe. Here, close to the famous southern newspaper’s Beijing office, close to shake handshandle net also set in this position, it is a little out of my expectation.

because, Wu Boxin entrepreneurship in wangjing office, there is said to have closer to his home, and shake handshandle, wu for now, if is just a symbol.

12 agreed to have a meal, I am to 11 PM, didn’t want to, before I often takes a seat. This is not a one-to-one conversation. Wu, also the wind-induced a gentle female assistant; Sitting by my side, and another male reporter, below, I will ignore him.

I’m after everyone in 0, began to ask questions. Before I ask, next to the male reporter asked a lot of, I endure for a long time. He asked on what, I’m not really sure.

for wu, my in the mind of the problem can be divided into two parts, the part is, the pattern of the us and Canada; How to look back on a bulk part?

you actually heart saved up some questions, also try to ask for a moment, but we often think gossip is overweight, for ever.

about beauty “, wu said that last year, about the mode of thinking and trying, two partners, a he, a friend of mine in California. Two people, how to know when to know, how to finalize project… Are classified as gossip that category, not talk.

so, the pattern of the us and Canada?

a few commas to break up, is that the online and offline, same price, the price to sell clothing and household items, online is site + mobile APP, offline is offline store, retail and cooperation knot through the website, used the off-line salesperson and online buy can choose to delivery to the door, can also go to offline since, business model is online and offline according to each transaction smoke into (say common point is the CPS), all goods beauty “brand, do not do generation.

why apparel and home? Which product to sell household?

apparel and home are very suitable for customization, so-called C2B, home also is very suitable for O2O. After too fine inconvenience to answer a question.

the apparel and home, two irrelevant category under one roof, right?

on the web site, there is two channels; On the mobile APP, a category a single APP. In addition, the home is not infinity, but began to sell the easiest category to sell, then slowly penetrate.

do stores will too heavy? Offline stores have a few? Mainly in what place?

stores is demonstration purposes, of course not is the main part, mainly is the cooperation. And “heavy” or “light”, should according to efficiency, should not be simply at cost. Stores now have three, all in the second – and third-tier cities, the future offline store will be mostly in lower-tier cities, such cost savings.

how to prevent the same city shop and shop inside the brand of competition, rather than and other brand shop to competition?

a city, an offline shop, may special Beijing is too big, can have two to three according to the area.

upstream and cargo how offline?

beauty “has its own buyer team, buyer will go looking for good quality factory, and then introduce the specified material to offline store to buy. Beauty and joy of buying team in which is not involved in buying goods, also won’t generate additional income, only to upper management quality. Buyer team 4, and 5 people is enough.

who delivery cost?

the cost of shipping supply consumer choice, the user can select the additional costs of distribution, also can choose the cost systematically in commodity pricing.

the essential difference between this model and bulk?

group has bigger “sweep the street”, this is a big cost, in addition discount coupon is visible to users, selling BaoPin, advertising; The beauty and joy don’t need to sweep the street, not sell BaoPin, but sell brand, is O2O electrical contractor.

if that line inn, and what is the difference between “?

every guest in 2010 and considered line inn, of any guest problem may be that old that year and wants to be a channel brand, product brand and want to do, don’t want to know, too. While the us and Canada only do product brand. Why do you say cable inn, the role of offline store mainly for the brand, brand is required for the user experience and display. In addition, the us and Canada is more fun and offline smoke into cooperation, not to buy goods, it is also different.

when it comes to the above, questions about the model of the us and Canada, basic can’t continue. Interestingly, however, wu told me that the entrepreneurs, both he and his partner out of money. Currently team dozens of people, if the a level 50 people, then within this level.

and let me particularly eye-catching, wu said that the business, we don’t accept any VC investment.

does not accept VC? Right, I didn’t listen to wrong.

in March 2010, founded Wu Bogang shake handshandle nets, 5 g vernacular Donews at the time of the salon, I first saw wu. Because after a focus on real estate network because of no money to sell to sohu , we often value for money and capital. That year after a meeting, also in 5 g, during a VC to call him, he quickly said, well, well, I asked technical personnel, immediately change, change immediately.

now we often refused to VC. Wu is that 1, follow Mr Ma “small but beautiful”, “small but beautiful” because it is over, just happiness index is high, need not consider to consider for scale; 2, successful retail don’t need a VC, store do not make money, money for the VC money can? Haidilao need VC? We often ask.

so, can you come back and talk about the shake handshandle, bring to you? Or, Meituan and shake handshandle of dozen what’s different, caused the different results of now?

handle is very good, please don’t ask me any questions about the shake handshandle, please, please @ RMB! # % % xx… Wu said.

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