Ending: “honeymoon relationship” Beats announced $265 million remaining stake repurchase HTC hands

on Friday, according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Beats to 2.65 1 $to buy back HTC hold the company 25% the remaining shares.

, HTC to 2011 in 3 1 $to buy the famous audio equipment manufacturers Beats 50.1% of the company. The HTC company promised Beats will maintain independent operation rights. A year later, however, Beats the company will spend 1.5 1 $redeemed HTC hold half of the shares. The Beats once again announced it will use the 2.65 1 $, recycling HTC hand held by the company’s remaining stake.

In a statement, the

HTC , Beats the company will still be one of their most important cooperation partner. However, HTC to Beats comment on the cause and the impact the company’s share buyback.

With HTC

in contrast, Beats announced that the company is now the high-end headphones market 59% share.

in the past five years, almost every movie HTC flagship phones are printed Beats of Logo . Don’t know the once familiar logo, also can appear in the HTC how long products.

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