End of wooden back cover version of the Moto X listed (figure)

Moto X may not be able to become the recognized model of “revolution”, price also makes some hopes. But it’s colorful custom and voice / motion is still a good window. A variety of hardware customization involves the front panel (black and white), volume /Power button, back cover, camera skirts. The reporter at the scene to see wooden back cover the most.

first of all have to admit, to use the wooden back cover is not electronic products technology breakthroughs, but it full of aesthetic value.

compared with MOTOROLA this warm wooden handle, plastic appears increasingly cheap, samsung and apple metal / glass is insensitive to the cold.

in the picture is very early version of the show. MOTOROLA tested a variety of wood, including oak, rosewood ( Rosewood ), but the public about four rear cover to choose from.

product management, senior vice President of MOTOROLA ( SVP of product management ), wooden back cover will be in the fourth quarter of this year, which is listed at the end of the year.